6 Non-Negotiable Style Pieces


A few weeks ago I spoke about all the beauty products that are non-negotiable in my life so I thought it would be fun to do a style version of that post. Clothing is something that is a non-negotiable in anybody's life anyway as we can't wander around in the buff, well you could if you really wanted to but you would more than likely get arrested. Anyway, here are 6 style pieces that I never compromise and have been staples in my wardrobe for many years. 


I mean, of course, how could I ever write this post without talking about the striped Breton first? It's become a running joke among the people in my real life but then with the people that follow this blog too that I harbour a huge love for that classic style piece. I've loved stripes for years, I think it's around five now since I first discovered that they were a pattern that worked for me and I've not looked back since. The classic stripe is something that is never going to go out of style which sits well with me as I only like to buy style pieces that are timeless and can withstand more than one season in my wardrobe. Although I love all stripes and especially striped dresses nothing comes close to my love for the classic Breton. They can be paired with absolutely everything and worn all throughout the year when you're a UK resident. I've been working on my collection for a few years now and when you purchase high-quality pieces they're something that can last a number of years rather just one season. 


Whilst my world of denim has become more varied this year something that I'll never stray from is the classic skinny jean. In particular the black skinny jean and over the years I've bought so many pairs of them I've now lost count. I'm a loyal Topshop girl when it comes to the denim I wear as I can always get well over a year or maybe more from my Topshop jeans. Which makes them a no brainer purchase as they not only last but they're incredibly flattering too. I probably don't need even need to explain why skinny jeans are such a wardrobe staple as I'm sure we all know why. But to give you a quick run down why they're such an essential for me it's because they can be worn for pretty much any occasion. And in the colour, black they go with absolutely anything else you might have in your wardrobe. 


Having a good jacket that goes with every single item in my wardrobe is something that is vital for me. And if you reside in the UK then you will know that you always need a jacket, even in the middle of summer as things can change dramatically and more often than not you're left freezing to death in just your summer dress. I've had a leather jacket in my coat collection since I was about 17 and I'm now 27 so that is a long time to be so reliant on one style but I can't imagine the leather jacket ever being out of style. Not only do they go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe but I find they're just so easy to throw on and can be worn for either a casual or smart occasion. My current [faux] leather jacket of choice is from Topshop and I've had it for 5 years and it's still going strong, it's not showing any sign of wear. Which is surprising as it's without a doubt my most worn piece in my wardrobe so that's a strong testament to Topshop's faux leather options.


Whenever I'm not sure what I want to wear and I'm not in the mood for something stripey which let's be honest is rare but it does happen I don't think you can beat a classic white t-shirt. They're not only incredibly easy to style but also they can be worn for absolutely any type of occasion. They can be worn when you want something super casual and then can be worn in a smarter environment when paired with something like skinny cigarette trousers and loafers which is an ensemble that I always tend to gravitate towards. Whilst I love the classic simple white t-shirt I'm also a sucker for white t's with a small embroidered slogan on which have become super popular over the last few years.


Dresses, in general, are something that I always have in my wardrobe. They're the easiest thing to throw on and if you're a little bit of lazy girl then they're the best option as you can just throw one on with a nice pair of shoes and then your outfit is done with minimal effort and thought. Whilst I'd love to talk about all the pretty summer dresses that I own in reality I don't live in a country where I get to wear them all that much so something with long sleeves is a staple and I've always got one in my wardrobe. Summer or Winter they're something that I constantly find myself reaching for and they always make me feel awesome which is what I think is so important when it comes to style. Of course, the main aim when it comes to a clothing item is to keep you warm and covered but it's also something you should feel great in.


A leather jacket is a great wardrobe staple and something that I get a huge amount of wear from. But with A/W seeming to last a lifetime then there is nothing that makes me happier than a beautiful forest green coat. I find that this shade is something that goes with everything in my wardrobe as I love a neutral colour palette. But it's also a colour that can a little bit of a statement although in general very understated. As a dog walker and also somebody who can't stand being cold it's key for me to have something that is windproof and waterproof as I can't stand being freezing in the name of fashion. So this year I invested in two coats that will be with me for years to come I imagine. A Barbour which is something I can wear day to day in A/W and then a coat from Regatta which is absolutely perfect for being outdoors for long periods of time as it's lined beautifully. A traditional parka style coat used to be my go to for a few years but I didn't find them all that good in terms of rain and wearing a soggy coat is horrible.


  • Camisoles 
  • Oversized knits 
  • Midi skirt 
  • Trench coat
  • Leggings
  • Grey sweatshirts 

What are the non-negotiable style items in your wardrobe?

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