6 Products That Made Me Feel Excited About Beauty Again

For the past couple of months, I've been in a real slump with beauty. I couldn't quite pinpoint why but I wasn't feeling the excitement about it that I once did. I was in a rut with the products that I was using and barely applying makeup which is something that I absolutely adore doing. It's a sacred part of my morning routine that I usually cherish. Over the past few weeks, though, I've felt my passion for it return and there are a few products that have helped me fall back in love with beauty all over again. 

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BON BONS PALETTE*: It's rare that I feel serious excitement towards an eyeshadow palette. Shocking I know as that seems to be the weakness of most beauty bloggers. However, this new release from one of my favourite brands Too Faced had me all gooey eyed at first glance. Not only was I a walking heart eye Emoij but the shadows smell like chocolate. That's right.. chocolate. In comparison to the first chocolate bar palette, I find the shades are much more geared towards a cooler skin tone. It contains 16 shades that are a combination of matte and shimmers so you can create a plethora of looks. And bar a couple [the pinks] they're all pretty wearable on a day to day basis which is rare to find in a palette. The formulation is stunning, the shadows are so buttery and soft that they blend within seconds. At £36, it's definitely at an investment but as it contains so many shades it's great value for money. 

CHLOÉ DE ROSES*: Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay is my go to in A/W and it may be a little premature to be bringing this somewhat Spring fragrance. But who needs to play by those classic beauty rules? Rose is one of my all time favourite scents and in combination with that classic Chloe musk, it's stunning. It's one of those perfumes that you can spray on at 7 am and still detect it on the skin at 6 pm which makes is perfect for those of us who don't like to carry around perfume with us. Even though this has been in my collection for years it had been a couple of months since I wore it. Once I liberally spritzed it on it completely rekindled my love for fresher scents. 

OGX KERATIN SPRAY: My hair has been suffering a lot due to tying it back pretty much every day in December. It was feeling weak and breaking off a lot more than usual so I've needed products that could give it a little bit more strength. Keratin is known to improve the strength of the hair but overuse has the adverse effect and causes the hair to break off so using a product like this too much isn't advisable. As soon as I started using this I noticed my hair instantly felt stronger which has made me feel not so guilty about styling it a little more. Which has led to another beauty love and rediscovery. 

LA ROCHE POSAY BB BLUR*: Base products are always my favourite to try. I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing that will give me perfected skin whilst feeling incredibly lightweight yet still be long lasting. The BB blur completely amazed me upon first use and if it had a better shade range. I would suggest anyone picking it up as it's truly beautiful. It's a mousse formulation which isn't something that I typically go for but it works. It smoothes out the complexion and gives the same amount of coverage as a medium foundation. Containing oil absorbing technology it makes my skin look a tiny bit more matte than what I'm used to but it doesn't accentuate any dry patches. If you're after a completely fuss-free base then this is a great option as it perfects the skin with ease and is long lasting without feeling at all heavy on the complexion. 

ENRAPTURE TOTEM STYLER: For a while, I'd just been styling my hair straight whilst it was growing to the length that I wanted. Now it has reached that length I've dug out an old favourite. This hair tool was incredibly popular in the blogging world a few years ago and it's still something I absolutely adore. It creates the most beautiful natural curls that stay in my hair for days, which is rare with my slippy tresses. What makes this curling wand stand out so much compared to others in the market is that the barrel has 3 different sections that you can set at different temperatures. I use the combination of 1-2-1 so that the curls are loose at the top, tighter in the middle and loose at the end. 

CLARINS SPRING COLLECTION*: A brand that has beautiful Spring Collections every year is Clarins. There is no terrifying shades or formulas in sight, just good beauty products. The Rouge Eclat lipstick in Rose Praline* is nothing too thrilling formula wise but the shade made my dusky pink obsessed heart flutter. As did the packaging, I know it's what is on the inside that really counts but I can't resist well-packaged beauty products. The real star of the show is the Iridescent Eyeshadow* in Silver Ivory. We all know how much I love a champagne eye. This still fulfils that need but with a little bit of a twist as it's much cooler in tone. The cream to powder formula is a dream. Cream shadows are so easy to apply, even when you're as cack-handed as me with shadow application. But it's got the lasting power of a powder, no creasing or fading in sight. You can either wear it as a light wash of colour or really build up an intense shimmery finish making it an incredibly versatile product. 

What are your current favourite products?

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