6 Things My Dogs Have Taught Me


Yesterday was a special day in our household, it was Josie's gotcha day which means I've been a dog parent for an entire year. And in the last 365 days that leggy pup has taught me so much and even more so with the addition of little Edie to our family. Of course, I've tried to teach Josie and Edie as much as I possibly can but I had no idea that the dogs would teach me a thing or two. Who needs a life coach when you have dogs?



When you're a dog walker you will more than likely interact with a lot of people which is one of the biggest joys I think about having a dog. Of course, there are plenty of unfriendly people too but generally, people love to stand and chat whilst the dogs play and that is definitely something the dogs have taught me. More than likely the reason why people have a dog is to help them with loneliness so making the effort to talk to people can completely change their day and yours. I'm a very shy by nature and don't find it all that easy to open up and make conversation with others. But with the breed the dogs are and the fact Josie is usually sprinting around like a loon is quite the conversation starter. The dogs are so friendly with any person and any dog until they give them a reason not to be and then they move along from them and don't give them a second thought. I spend far too long worrying if it's my fault or is it me why people can be so unkind and usually the answer is no, sometimes people just aren't nice and there is sadly nothing you can do to change that.


Both of my dogs love a bit of rough and tumble when playing, they don't hurt each other all but if one does nip a little too hard then they back off for a couple of seconds and then they go back to it. They don't go off in a huff and sulk or send texts without kisses on the end because they're in a strop, no they just let it go and that is definitely something I need to do more. I'm really bad at holding a grudge sometimes and way more often than not it will be over something so stupid but at the time feels like it's the most important thing in the world. Probably one of my worst traits is that I am very stubborn, it's something that I've worked really hard to change but I've still got a long way to go.

get outside 

When I was a teenager all I wanted to do was stay instead on MSN or playing The Sims and although I'd still happily do the latter something I do know now is how incredibly important is to get outside. Due to the nature of my job, it's all too easy to stay inside and not leave the house but it's something I know I need to do for my wellbeing. And my dogs are the exact same, they love being outside exploring not only, of course, do they need to get out and be exercised but as soon as they've had that fresh air they're so much happier much like me. Sometimes I do not want to go out when it's foggy and miserable but I know that it not only makes the dogs happy but it makes me feel clearer too, I'm always without fail much better at my job once I've been out.



I'm not the most affectionate person you'll ever meet. I have a lot of love in my heart but often I find it quite difficult to get it out but the dogs remind me every single day to show affection. Without a doubt they instantly show me their love, there is no doubting they care and I adore that and it makes me feel so special. So why shouldn't I do that more in my own life? I, of course, have no problem showing the dogs I care but it's not always the easiest with people.

try again and again and again 

Whether I want to admit it or not something I can often be as well as incredibly stubborn is a defeatist. Once something hasn't gone well then I don't always love to try again even though I know it's important. Something that they dogs remind me every single day is to always try more than once, things might not always go perfectly and it might be difficult but showing up and trying is so important. I think sometimes the phrase 'tried your best' gets a bit of bad rap but it's not just a silly cliche. It does matter and if we know that we've given something our all then eventually if it still doesn't work out then at least we know tried. 

and all the other little things they've taught me

  • Having a nap in the sun is always a good idea. 
  • Always carry a snack. 
  • You can learn things from a first impression but don't always stick to it. 
  • Muddy puddles are the enemy. 
  • Pay attention, you never know what is on the horizon. 
  • Always look twice. 

What have your pets taught you?