8 Beauty Products That Are The Bee's Knee's


As I'm currently using up a lot of things that means I'm getting to use some new products as I'm on a ban from flitting back and forth between products. And by doing this means I'm not left with products that are half empty and having to come back around to them. So here are 8 beauty products that I'm currently using up that are pretty awesome!


Nude nails are something I really struggle with being a fair skinned girl there is no denying it but a few weeks ago I finally found a polish that compliments my skin tone. I love the H&M nail polishes, for the price they compare to the likes of Rimmel or Essie and they have one of the best shade ranges I've ever seen. They have a wide brush, a thicker formulation and even the nude shades don't need a tonne of coats to get an opaque finish from which can be a big problem when it comes to nude nails. If you've not tried out the H&M polishes I highly recommend them as for the price they're a complete dream and I love the simplistic packaging too.


Anything that has black current in is pretty much a safe bet and I'm more than likely going to love it. This body and hand cream from one of my most loved natural brands Antipodes smells exactly like Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay and I've been slathering it on my arms like there is no tomorrow as I always save my fancy body creams for my top half so I can make the most of them. It sinks in quickly but injects the skin with moisture which is desperately needed with the Winter chill still sticking around. If you don't love being able to smell your body lotion then this probably isn't something you'll enjoy but personally, I love it when my lotion mixes with my perfume. 


The Stila Convertible Colours are something that I've had in my beauty stash for years and whenever it comes to a creamy cheek product they're my go to. They're so easy to use you simply gently swirl your finger into the colour, dab onto the cheek and with a somewhat firm brush blend up and out. Sometimes cream blushers can be a little scary to use as they can make the skin look greasy or sticky but the convertible colours don't do that they just add a dewy sheen to the cheek in the best way possible. I've always loved the shade Lilium which is the perfect pink for those of us who don't love pink blushers and the shade peony is a dirty dusky pink. Very much like Nars Douceur and Tarte Exposed but in cream form which is basically all I'll be wearing throughout Spring.


A few years ago everyone was raving about this shower oil and saying how dreamy it was. And I've ummed and awwed about it for so long and thanks to some recent brand work I got to choose it and I can safely say that when I want to treat myself from now on this is what I'll be buying. I'm a bath girl through and through, I can't bear showers and even though this is supposed to be for the shower it works just as well in the tub. The way that this feels on the skin and how it smells is nothing short of luxury and it leaves me smelling like a delicious Bakewell tart, which is my goal with all my bath products...to smell like a baked good. I've been using this mostly when I shave my legs and it gives the skin such a good slip to get a good close shave and leaves the skin beautifully smooth afterwards. 


In the morning I've been using the Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk* but in the evening I've been using a new item from skincare brand Pestle & Mortar. It's a cleansing duo that is a gel to oil cleanser as well as a typical balm to meet those double cleanse needs and I've been really loving the Renew cleanser. The balm I'm not so keen on as even though it removes makeup beautifully it a pain to get out of the eyes and leaves me feeling like I've got something in them. The Renew portion of the cleansing duo is lovely, though, it's very much like the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel but it leaves the skin feeling even softer which is quite something. As the balm and gel do come together in a set I'm not 100% sure it's worth the price tag but if they ever sell them separately then the gel is definitely one to look into.


This serum has been in my skincare stash for a long time and as touch wood, my skin is pretty clear right now and I've not had a breakout in a good month or so my main concern is redness and scarring. I'm currently using a combination of this in the AM with a retinol treatment in the PM and they've been leaving my skin beautifully smooth. It's something that has taken quite a while to notice a difference but slowly and surely the redness is diminishing and leaving me with a more uniform skin tone. It's a pricey skincare item and I'm not sure for the price it's worth that much but it does feel lovely on the complexion and as well as dealing with redness it's also it's hydrating too. As my redness isn't really severe it might make more of a difference to those struggling with rosacea. 


There is always a lot of hype around Too Faced's beauty launches and the sweet peach line has taken the beauty world by storm. I can't say I'm surprised, it's such an adorable little collection, so kitsch and cute that it's hard not to resist its childlike charm. The eyeshadow palette isn't quite to my taste but the lip gloss oils are an absolute dream and even though they're not typically what I reach for I've been really enjoying them, in particular, the shade Papa Don't Peach. It's like a dirty pink with a hint of peach and it works great against my skin tone as typically peach doesn't suit me in the slightest but because this shade has that dusky pink to it then it's the best both of worlds. The formulation is lovely too, even though it says it's a gloss I don't find them to be sticky or tacky at all and it wears like a comforting oil without any of the slick and the pigmentation is pretty solid too.


Whilst I don't think anyone needs to own an excess of makeup brushes [unless you're an MUA, obviously] I do have quite a few from collecting them over the years. As I'd been a little lazy with my brush laundry I needed a fresh concealer brush and reached for an old favourite. This brush from Real Techniques comes from the core collection and for years it's what I used for my concealer for my overall complexion. It's super fluffy and if you just need a little bit of product it buffs it in so gently and seamlessly to the skin, it's not amazing for getting into the deep contours but if you're just using concealer under the eyes or chin it's ideal. As always, RT brushes are incredible for the price and over 5 years later this brush is still going strong and you wouldn't believe that it's this old.

What are your beauty favourites right now?

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