8 Beauty Products That I'll Always Pick Up Again

As a beauty lover and a beauty blogger there are a lot of products that come into my life and even if I absolutely adore them then that doesn't mean I'm always going to repurchase them. And I feel like when you return to a certain product or brand that shows a true commitment and belief in what it can do and here are the products that I always come back to and repurchase time and time again. 

GARNIER MICELLAR WATER: Although I'm a firm believer in the double cleanse as the only way to truly remove makeup properly and efficiently I will always purchase this micellar water from Garnier to get rid of the bulk of what I'm wearing. There are others I do prefer a little more in terms of formulation but for the price and how much you get in a bottle, I don't think Garnier can be beaten. It gets rid of pretty much everything with ease without aggravating my complexion in the slightest and they have a range of different formulas. I tend to pick this up when it's on offer so it's really cost friendly but even when it isn't it's still affordable. 

PIXI GLOW TONIC: I'm a loyal toner user, particularly something that's exfoliating and one I've used and purchased countless times is the Pixi Glow Tonic. For me, it's just a safe product that I know will have a good effect on my skin and will perform in the exact way I need it to. It contains 5% glycolic acid which is an ingredient that my skin is a big fan of and is something I've found that can happily be used on a daily basis AM & PM to help stay on top of texture and brightness issues that I might be having. It sits at a comfortable price point for me and I can get a good couple of months out of one bottle.

ESSIE FIJI: In general, a brand that I return to time and time again is Essie, I've found the shades that I love to wear and I've stuck to them. The one that I've repurchased the most is Fiji and it's one of the most perfect pinks I've ever found, it's like a strawberry milkshake and Summer or Winter I can't deny how lovely it looks on the nails. For such a pretty pink it's not a pain to achieve an opaque finish with and the Essie formula is second to none, it's thick and creamy and is probably the longest lasting polish in my arsenal. I always know that if I want something that can stay on longer than a week or something that can really stand up to a lot of typing or house work then Essie will never let me down.

ZOEVA BRUSHES: For so long a brand that I would always purchase my brushes from was Real Techniques. But there is just something about Zoeva that I prefer, their designs are so seamless and classic whilst still delivering high-quality brushes that perform. Beautiful makeup brushes are something that are typically very expensive but I find Zoeva to sit at an incredibly reasonable price point and I've had some of their brushes for over 3 years and with pretty much daily use they're still in incredible condition. Brushes are a beauty investment that's worth making but that doesn't mean you have to pay above and beyond for great quality products.

LIZ EARLE SKINCARE: Out of all the skincare brands that I love and adore probably my most purchased from has to be Liz Earle. Maybe it's because they were the first brand that I felt really worked for me and got my skin into a good place. And if I had to dedicate my entire skin care regime to one brand it could comfortably be LE as I know that no matter what my condition my complexion might be in that their products will work and return it to a happy balanced state where everything is kept in check. Probably my most purchased product from them is their Cleanse and Polish and it's a cleanser that I talk about time and time again on this blog but it's a product that works beautifully for me every time. Sometimes taking your routine back to the real basics and not expecting miracles from single products is refreshing as I'm pretty guilty of having astronomical hopes for something and expect it to perform miracles. And finally, if there were one place I'd suggest anyone to shop from no matter what their age then it would most definitely be Liz Earle. 

FRESH LIP BALMS: Lip balm is something that's so easy to be fickle with when it comes to beauty because you know instantly if something works and don't have to wait around to see the results. And there are plenty of great lip balms on the market but my all time favourite for their original and tinted options is Fresh. Which will be no surprise to anyone who regularly reads this blog as I'm pretty sure they're my most discussed lip products. Everything from the way they're packaged in a sturdy metal twist up tube to their creamy and seriously hydrating formula is perfection to me and they might be a more expensive option but they're so worth the money. If there was only one lip product I could use for the rest of my life it would most definitely be these.

SOAP & GLORY HAND CREAM*: Hand cream isn't exactly the most exciting beauty topic but it's something I use multiple times a day to keep on top of my dry hands as well as flakey cuticles. S&G is a brand that I've turned to for years for their innovative and fun beauty products but they also perform incredibly well too. They have a couple of hand creams in their range and I've always loved the cult classic Hand Food, it smells like Miss Dior which seriously helps. It hydrates the hands and eliminates any dryness within seconds but it doesn't make the hands greasy at all which is the biggest issue when it comes to hand cream typically.

NAIR HAIR REMOVAL CREAM: I've not been shy to talk about removing my peach fuzz on this blog, I've discussed it many times in the past and discussed the different methods you can use. Waxing is a great option but it's costly and it takes time out of your day to do it whereas a specialist facial hair removal cream is affordable and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. I don't find it to be too harsh on my skin, it removes all the hair with ease and takes a good month for it to grow back through. It's not something that I'd ever suggest to anyone with a really sensitive skin as I can imagine it being far too abrasive. But if your skin is ok with such treatments then it's a really effective way to get rid of peach fuzz.

What are the beauty products you always repurchase?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty