9 Things For A Mid-Week Refresh & Restart

Although I don't have a typical working week as I always tend to take a few hours off mid week than having a proper weekend something I do absolutely love is having a midweek/hump day pamper. Typically this a routine that I always do on a Sunday but time might not always allow for that and by the time Wednesday rolls around I'm more than likely not feeling all that fresh. And here is the beauty routine I like to follow to refresh and restart; 


My hair washing schedule is minimal anyway as we all know that I'm not a lover of washing my hair. But I can't deny how fresh it makes me feel and I like to alternate my hair washes with something a little more deep cleansing and then something that can promise volume. I'm currently using the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and the Moisture Balancing Conditioner*. This duo doesn't give me a huge boost of volume but just enough to help my hair look a little less limp and sad. And following up with that boost of moisture that aims to balance rather than weigh it down is the perfect combination. By Wednesday our hair is probably looking a little lacklustre and a wash can do it wonders.


Now it's Summer I'm way more inclined to shave my legs than I am the rest of year as let's be honest when your limbs aren't on show you care way less. Whenever I do decide to defuzz myself I always give myself a good scrub first and I'm such a big believer in exfoliation. Not only does it help you feel a lot smoother and help you avoid any ingrown hairs but I find it really helps with sore muscles and blood flow. I've mentioned before that I really struggle with how swollen my legs tend to get and a good exfoliation as well as stretching regularly works wonders. I always like the Soap & Glory exfoliators, for the price I find that they're the best and even though I love a good coffee exfoliator they're incredibly messy and can clog up the drains so I like to go for the S&G options, especially the Sugar Crush scent*. There is nothing better than smelling like a cola bottle. 


I truly believe that you're either someone who loves to moisturise or you're not and it's something that I totally prescribe to, I love it. Not only does it make my limbs feel silky smooth but I find that when I'm in a regular routine that my skin tone and texture looks healthier too. I'm not too fussy with what I use and if I'm really in the mood to treat myself I do so with an oil and the Mandara Spa Cedarwood & Sweet Orange Oil* is absolutely lovely. It nourishes the skin so much and it doesn't just sit around like so many oils tend to do. The best thing about it is probably the price it's so affordable but the quality is absolutely incredible which isn't always something you can find with budget body oils. Then, of course, is the classic option of a body butter or cream and from low end to high end there are so many that I adore. The Garnier Oat & Milk and the Kiehl's Creme De Corps* are both products I love for making skin feel hydrated but not slippy or sticky at all. If you're not a daily body moisturiser then having a mid week top of up moisture will make you feel awesome. 


Something I've been a little slack with as of late is my deep cleansing routine. And by mid week my skin whatever I've been doing is more than likely looking a little lacklustre and a good thorough cleanse works wonders. The Aesop Parsley Masque which is my ride or die when it comes to a deep cleansing mask has finally reached the end of its life so I've been reaching for some different options. I've said it before and I'll say it again but you really don't need to spend a lot on a deep cleansing mask as clay is such a cheap ingredient. As of right now, I've been using this one from The Body Shop and I believe it's quite similar to Glam Glow which is way more expensive than this. Getting all the dirt and grime out of your pores and starting afresh is a wonderful feeling. Of course not only for you but for your skin too as I know when I have a great deep cleansing routine it helps so much when it comes breakouts as nothing has the chance to build up and cause any unnecessary blemishes. 


Do I really need to explain why I love chemical exfoliators so much? Probably not at this point but I'll continue to anyway. And I've been mixing it up lately and I've fallen even more in love with Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold*. I've mentioned this a few times over the past month or so and now I've used it a lot more I'm well and truly smitten. I've finally built it up that I can use this alone and really see the difference it makes. If you don't know what Alpha H Liquid Gold does it's a resurfacing treatment for the skin and when I wake up after using this it's like I've got a new face, to be honest. Everything is so much smoother and clearer and the radiance is on a whole other level. Before I used to find this a tiny bit drying but now I've built up my resistance I can happily skip moisture but you can still notice results when using your normal products over the top of it.


As well as making sure you yourself is thoroughly cleansed making sure the tools that you apply your makeup with are clean is pretty integral. The thing is no-one exactly loves to wash their makeup brushes we all know this but it's so important. We're all so strict with how often we shower and make sure we cleanse our skin AM and PM but it seems too easy to become slack with how often we wash our brushes. And yes it's very boring but getting to apply your products with a freshly washed brush is a true delight. 



If you're somebody that has a set amount of products that you don't stray from this obviously won't be something you're going to do. But if you're a beauty addict with an array of items to choose from having a little switch around is such a fun mid-week activity. I always switch around my base, blush and eye palette as those are my all time favourite things to switch up and of course there is always the joy of trying something new.


I'm well and truly back in a candle loving stage of my life right now and I've got a few on the go. I don't like to burn them all the time but I know when I want to treat myself and create a cosy environment they're wonderful. You don't have to buy super expensive options either although they are awesome as a treat. You can always pop to IKEA and pick up some wonderful scents. I recently picked up a peach one and a blackberry one which are quite unusual scents and not one you see in candles that often. Then the high-end options are from Shearer Candles* and Arum Candles* which are both just sublime.


Although beauty products are awesome and can really make you feel ready to take on the week. There is nothing quite as a good as getting an early night to reset and refresh and as there is nothing that makes me feel quite as good as getting a good nights sleep.  Heading to bed early and skipping all the pointless scrolling we all probably tend to do is something we could all probably do a little more often. 


What are your favourite mid week pick me ups?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty