A Beauty Menu To Stop You Feeling Like A Lizard This Winter


We all know that this is the time of year where we should really take care of our bodies but when you’re bundled up in a hundred and one layers then it’s less than appealing to be slathering on anything. And I truly believe that body care is either something that you’re into or you’re not and although sometimes I cannot be bothered at all whenever I’m strict with myself and make the effort it has a serious knock-on effect with how I feel about my body. So here is everything from shower gels to moisturisers to stop you feeling like a lizard woman this winter!



In the past, shower gel wasn’t something that I really cared about that much and I’d just get whatever was on offer and be done with it. But now I’m quite particular and this is what is in my current rotation;


First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate any in shower product that comes with a pump? Such a simple thing but it makes showering far easier, especially if you’re shaving your legs or any other part of your body for that matter. Coconut is a scent that I believe you can get away with all year around but I love the addition of the sea salt in this, it gives an ever so subtle edge. The most important thing for me when it comes to a shower gel is something that makes me feel seriously clean without stripping the skin of all its moisture. This is nourishing yet cleansing and foams up just the right amount, I have this slight hatred for ridiculously foamy shower gels as I feel like they just get everywhere even when you use the tiniest amount then the majority of it ends up in the drain.


You can’t go wrong with any body wash from S&G but I’ve been seriously enjoying the new scent which is totally unseasonal but as it’s so fresh it really makes me feel clean. And obviously, this would be so good when the warmer months eventually roll back around. The scent is very fruity with notes such as mango and mandarin extract, it’s rare to find such a fruity fragrance without it being heavily citrus based. S&G is a more expensive brand when it comes to body products but they are a 100% worth it as I find that their products last a good few months with frequent use and as they are so strong scent wise you don’t need to use mounds of product. With Christmas on the horizon, the brand always have so many gift sets on offer if you fancy treating yourself or buying something special for a loved one, I’ve never known someone not enjoy a gift from S&G. The one downside to this and it’s rather unusual for an S&G body wash is that it doesn’t have a pump, I can always use one from an old product but I would rather it have one.


This is hands down my favourite high-end body product, so much so I’m on my second bottle. Not only does it smell absolutely phenomenal. If you’re a lover of sweet scents then you will undoubtedly love this but the reason why I think this is truly worth the investment is just how nourishing it is on the skin. I save this until I’m either shaving my legs or if I’ve had a really long week and I feel pretty rotten then is always what I reach for as it’s like a warm hug to the skin. It’s an oil but it’s quite thick which means you don’t spill any and it’s pretty easy to make sure you get it on the skin. Once massaged in this turns into a beautiful milky texture and it’s not only incredibly kind to the skin in general but it’s also great for shaving as it gives the skin a good amount of slip.



This is probably the segment of our beauty routine that we tend to skip in the cooler months as there is nothing appealing about taking your clothes off. But having nourished limbs not only makes me feel more confident but inevitably avoids me having any uncomfortable dry patches come up too which can easily happen when the temperatures drop.


I typically reach for this when my feet are feeling a bit, well to be completely honest vile. As I walk a fair few miles with my dogs each day my feet need all the TLC they can get. This is a do it all balm and being from Lanolips it’s incredibly kind to the skin much like my beloved 101 Ointment. A quick slather of this and my feet are left feeling super soft but not greasy which can be an issue when it comes to products that you apply to that area. It’s rich but it’s not heavy at all and maybe one of the best things about this is that it’s unscented which isn’t something that I feel too strongly about but it’s always good to know if you are sensitive to scent.


I’m nearly at the end of this so I’ve been savouring every last drop as it’s a body product that I absolutely adore. Granted, it’s nothing fancy in all honesty but there is just something about the way that this makes me feel when I apply it. They do an unscented version if the fragrance isn't something you’re a fan of but I love the light scent of this. It really reminds of a thick vanilla yoghurt in the best way possible and it makes my limbs feel incredible. As this is a more expensive option I like to use this on my upper body only and something a bit cheaper on my legs. Also, if you're tattooed then this really brings the colours back into a piece. It’s something that I can still feel on my skin in all the best ways but it doesn’t take an absolute age to sink in which is not something I have any time for. Again, as Christmas is on the horizon and you know somebody who is seriously into their body care then I cannot recommend this product enough.


From the high-end to the high street, this is a new product from Superdrug and I have to say if there is one place I really like for their own brand products it’s Superdrug. Anyway, this is the type of body product that is really great if you’re in a rush and need your skin to feel hydrated but don’t have the time for the likes of a body butter. It’s a milk but it’s still solid enough to it be easy to massage into the skin and leave you feeling hydrated and fresh. The almond scent isn’t as sweet as some other options I have which is nice when I want to go for something a little more understated but still have that subtle scent of battenburg.


what are your go-to products to stop feeling lizard like?

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