A Few Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Bad Mood Blackhole

When I was younger whenever I was in a bad mood it was almost a mental race to get myself out of it as quickly as possible but now things are quite different. Being in a bad mood sucks there is no denying that as you don't feel like yourself, your fuse is short and you find yourself snapping when you don't want to and it's pretty crappy. And sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to why we feel this way but it's never a feeling that we want to hang around for long so here are a few ways to dig yourself out of a bad mood.


Whenever we're in a bad mood we try to find a way to get ourselves out of it as quickly as possible. We try and shun them away and any negative emotion should be banished forever. And for the most part, I understand why we do this because feeling down and out isn't nice so naturally we don't want it to last long. But letting ourselves feel that emotion is something that should be encouraged because it's completely normal and just quashing something down and never letting yourself feel a certain way isn't healthy for our mental state. This isn't to say you must wallow in your sadness either because that can also be damaging for our mental health but at least allowing yourself to feel sadness or anger at some point is so important.


It isn't the case for everything nor does it work for everyone but talking something out with someone you know you can put your faith into to listen and know will hear you without judgement is so important. Whatever we might be in a bad mood about it's so refreshing to just let it all out and share the load with someone else. It doesn't have to be this huge thing and whether or not it doesn't seem like you've got a good enough reason to share it that shouldn't matter. So often we downplay things even when they've bothered us and make them out to be nothing which is so sad as if something has impacted then we shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. It's so easy to think about other people and their problems and how they're much worse than ours but in reality, their will probably always be somebody worse off than us. But that doesn't mean our problems are invalid and unimportant if they bother us then they do matter.  


When we're upset or in a bad mood I'm sure we've all the felt need to apologise for it and I agree if we lash out at someone because we're upset it's always nice to apologise but if our mood doesn't directly anyone else in a negative way and we're just venting how we feel should we be apologising? Being upset or in a bad mood is just as normal as feeling happy and there is an entire range of emotions that we should never have to apologise for. Especially women we seem to apologise for absolutely everything we do if it's not perfect and that's just silly. We're all human and none of us are perfect, allowing somebody to feel something whatever it might be is so important. 



One of my worst habits is that I can tend to dwell on things if they've really bothered me or made me worried and spend my life living in the past far too much. Letting things lie and be what they are is so difficult as it's so easy to constantly think about what we could do differently but they're such wasteful thoughts as even though we would love to be able to change the past we can't. It's not always easy and takes a bit of time but letting things lie and accepting something whatever the outcome is one of the best ways to begin to dig yourself out of a bad mood blackhole.


We all have the things in life that pick us up when we're in a bad mood and if you're able to take the time to do them then do so. Of course, we all lead busy lives and can't take the day off to cheer ourselves up constantly. But even just half an hour or so to do something you know truly makes you happy and feels awesome is so important. And it doesn't have to be a solitary activity it could be curling up on the sofa with your favourite human or going and grabbing coffee with a friend. For me, I've always loved the following to really cheer myself up;

  • Painting my nails.
  • Re-watching an old favourite show.
  • Exercise.
  • Talking to a loved one. 
  • Catching up with my favourite blogs. 
  • Treating myself to flowers. 
  • Buying donuts. 
  • Reading.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Harry Potter.
  • Taking photographs. 
  • Listening to a podcast. 

Do you have any tips for getting yourself out of a bad mood blackhole?