A Few Ways To Still Feel Body Confident Even In A/W


For a long time, I've relied on a bounty of body products to boost my body confidence and I think it's typically a practice that we save for the warmer months. I can't deny when the cooler seasons roll around and I start to pull on my heavy knits and thermal tights my body care routine tends to fall by the weigh side and I think that's the case for a lot of people. And subsequently, this when my body confidence starts to take a dip too and I think there is definitely a link between the two. So here a few simple body care practices that I'm going be doing this A/W to make sure that I still feel awesome even though my limbs barely see the outside world. 



Ok, so technically this isn't a beauty practice but it's something that I believe is incredibly important any time of year and that is stretching. And this is something that people presume you only need to do if you exercise or do some sort of sport but everyone could more than likely do with a good stretch. When you're sat down all day at work or running around getting things ticked off your to-do list you're still putting your limbs to work and they deserve a little TLC. It's too easy for things to become tense and sore that can easily be eased with a good stretch. As well as stretching I'm a huge believer in foam rolling, it's something I find incredibly effective for any swelling in the limbs. I struggle with poor circulation and my legs swell so easily and a regular stretching routine eases that a lot as well as helping with general muscle aches and pains. 


I'm a bath girl all year round but especially when it comes to the colder seasons and all you want to do is immerse yourself in the hot water after a long day out in the Baltic temperatures. Bathing is not only something that is obviously completely necessary to keep clean but it's something that I find is a real treat to the body. Especially when you're tired and stressed a bath feels awesome on your limbs and in combination with a good stretching routine they always leave me feeling my best. I'm not one to dunk fancy bath bombs or fizzes in my water but something I do adore are milks and oils. They make the water feel so kind and soft to the skin and obviously help with hydration too which we could all probably do with. 







Oh, I am a sucker for a good scrub to boost my body confidence. And we all harp on about how important it is during the summer to get rid of those dry patches of skin that have formed over the winter. But keeping on top of your scrub routine during the colder months means it's not such a tough task when the warmer months do roll around and you peel off your tights and resemble a lizard. Exfoliation not only helps to soften the body and scrub away any dead flakes of skin but it also increases circulation and blood flow so it makes your limbs glow regardless of what other products that you slather them in. And you don't have to buy a scrub to exfoliate either you can use things like a body brush or a pair of gloves which is obviously a more cost friendly option. Your drains will also probably thank you as scrubs are known for causing plumbing issues.


The final and most important stage of my winter body routine is the nourishing products that I turn to in order to keep my limbs looking healthy even when the temperatures are in the minuses. Typically I do this with a thick butter that instantly boosts my hydration levels and feels comforting on tired and aching limbs. But I do dabble in the world of oils when I have a little more time for them to soak in and then there are obviously your typical cream options which I use in the AM. Smothering yourself in a thick cream when it's absolutely freezing in the bathroom is hardly a task that any of us want to do but it's a very necessary one for keeping your limbs happy. This is why it's key to find something that soaks in instantly and locks moisture into the skin. I like to use different creams and formulations for different areas of my body but that isn't a necessity by any means but a very nice luxurious treat to yourself. 


How do you boost body confidence in the colder months?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty