A Flawless Base That Doesn't Fade


Base products and foundation combinations are without a doubt one of my favourite things to write about. Pretty eyeshadows, blushes and highlighter are all well and good but nothing makes a difference for me like a good base does. My skin hasn't been great recently, it picks up for a while and then goes way to the same state. So I've needed something that's a little more high coverage and has some serious staying power. Particularly during the festive period, I want something to make me look completely flawless and wear well because I don't want to have to keep on checking on my complexion throughout the day to make sure I don't look cakey. So here's a rundown of the base combination that looks completely flawless and doesn't fade away either. 


Prepping my skin thoroughly for foundation application isn't something I need to do on a daily basis or something I have the time for quite frankly. But if I want my base to be really perfected the evening before I will always give my skin a manual scrub as there are just some things that a chemical exfoliant can't replicate. 

If I want more of a two in one treatment then I'll reach for the Gallineé Face Mask & Scrub* which not only brightens the complexion but is sloughs away at any dead skin cells that are lingering around. The inclusion of lactic acid hydrates the skin so it's not something you need to worry about drying out your skin in any way. The second option is the GOLDFADEN MD Doctor's Scrub* which is my favourite to reach for when I'm a little more spotty. It helps to tackle the breakouts without irritating them and making the rest of my face feel sore.  And of course the fact it contains hyaluronic acid is a real treat to lacklustre winter skin. 


BAREMINERALS PRECISION FACE BRUSH*: Typically when it comes to applying my base I like to reach for something domed as I find that they're the easiest type of brush to work with. But lately, I've been reaching for the PFB over my usual choices as it's a flat top angled brush that makes light work of applying any base and it leaves the most flawless finish to the skin. It's probably the largest base brush that I own but for that reason, it leaves a beautiful finish within seconds and the angled edge makes it easy to get to get into all the contours of the face. The only downside to this brush is that it does take a little while to dry as the bristles are so dense but it's a small price to pay for such a good brush. 

NUDE BY NATURE BRUSHES*: I wish these brushes had individual names so I could share them but the small flat-topped brush and general powder looking brush from the Wanderer brush kit* from Nude By Nature are what I've been using to apply other areas of my base. The small flat-topped brush is perfect for overall concealer application as you can pat in and blend away within seconds. I always find for my concealer to really stay around it has to be blended in with a patting motion rather than a sweeping one. Then for powder application, as I've been using something a little more mattifying than my usual powder picks I can get away with a quick dusting rather than blending something in. I always make sure to sweep my powder down than up as then it settles down all the peach fuzz on my face rather than drawing attention to it. 


Ok, I've harped on enough about how I prep my skin for the perfect base and what I use to apply it but what about the things that actually perfecting my skin?


LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER*: I've gone through such a love hate relationship with this primer but now we're firmly committed in a love affair. It's probably the fact that it's cold that my skin needs something that's a little more hydrating to help my base wear evenly throughout the day. Even though it doesn't help prolong wear time it certainly helps with keeping my complexion looking fresh throughout the day. It's one of those primers that feel wonderful to apply to the skin as it's incredibly refreshing and cooling. 

BAREMINERALS WELL RESTED EYE BRIGHTENER*: This is a product that can be used around the face as well as under the eyes to brighten the skin. I've been mixing this with my Bareminerals concealer under my eyes to brighten up the area as even though dark circles aren't a big concern of mine I could definitely do with a little help and this adds light and life to the area without looking glittery or shimmery. The shade is a pretty pearly pink which is ideal for my snow white complexion but on deeper skin tones I'm not sure it would work as well which is a shame. 

BAREMINERALS BARESKIN CONCEALER*: I've harped on about this concealer way too much this year. I'd like to say I'm sorry about it but it's a truly fantastic product. In case you've missed by other love letters to this concealer then here's a short rundown of why this is such a beautiful base product. It's thick and creamy and covers up just about anything you might be dealing with from dark circles to blemishes. It does it all and it's so creamy that it doesn't gather together or dry out the skin in an unflattering way.

BEAUTY PIE GREAT SKIN FOUNDATION*: I'm sure you've heard a lot about Beauty Pie recently, my own ramblings included. The Great Skin Foundation has been without a doubt the best base I've tried in a long time and I have a serious penchant for high-end bases and this performs just as well as them. The formulation reminds me of Estee Lauder Double Wear with the way that it perfects and enhances the skin but without the heaviness and how Double Wear can cake up on the skin. It's a standard liquid formulation and blends like a dream, it's thick enough that it's sturdy enough to hold it's own but it's not so thick that it's a complete pain to work with. And if those two things weren't enough to make you interested in this foundation then the wear time is truly like nothing else I've used. It stays around all day but it doesn't feel at all heavy on the skin and it wears comfortably for however long you might wear it for.

BEAUTY PIE ONE POWDER WONDER*: This powder reminds me slightly of the Hourglass Ambient Powders in the way that it looks and what it promises to do with the skin. It's slightly mattifying but in the best possible way, something can be mattifying. It doesn't make the skin look dry or cakey, just perfected and flawless and because it doesn't include talc in its formulation it means that you don't get that horrible uncomfortable feeling which you can often get with powders. It's translucent which makes it appropriate for every skin tone which is a blessing for anyone as you don't have to worry about what shade your skin is as I'm sure we all fluctuate through the year. 

What are your current favourite base products?

R x

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