A Freckle Friendly Beauty Edit

It saddens me that I've spent so much time absolutely hating my freckles and wishing they weren't part of my skin. And it's just like anything in life, we always think that the grass is greener on the other side and want something that we can't have. So learning to embrace my freckles may have taken longer than it should have but now I absolutely love them and I can't deny that the fact everyone seemed to start to draw on fake freckles made me realise that I should love mine a little more. And when the sun appears and they come out in full force I really love the way they make my skin look. So here are the beauty products that really enhance freckles rather than making them look muddy or attempt to hide them away.


When I was desperate to hide my freckles away from the world I would reach for really full coverage bases but they made them look so weird and almost fake. And whilst I still love a base that can help perfect my skin with minimal effort I prefer something that works with my freckles rather than battling against them. 

L'OREAL TRUE MATCH: I've recently fallen back in love with this base and I forgot just how good it is for helping perfect the skin whilst still keeping the complexion looking incredibly natural. It's not something that's really glow-inducing or matte it's just very natural. It's not a base that's dry skin friendly as it doesn't hydrate the skin much but for combination to oily skin types in combination with a good buffing brush, it's a dream. The coverage is a standard medium affair but can be built up in the areas that need it. Why I love this base so much is when my skin is really freckled is that it's so natural yet perfecting on the complexion and due to the awesome shade range L'Oreal offer it doesn't muddy them up. 

BAREMINERALS COMPLEXION RESCUE*: Any type of tinted moisturiser is a safe bet for helping to enhance the skin as they can offer a nice veil of coverage but they're not heavy at all. When your skin is feeling tired and stressed a good TM is lovely to reach and this one in particular because it's a gel that instantly feels kind to the skin. Sometimes you don't always want to wear a heavy base but you still want that little bit of coverage. This is minimal coverage, of course, but it can be easily built up and it doesn't just melt away from the skin and leave you with no coverage at all. It's a great one for dry skins but isn't something that completely slides away from a more oily skin although it does need setting with a powder to stay put throughout the day.

YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT*: Possibly my favourite freckle enhancing base is the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat*. It has been reformulated but it's still a complete dream and doesn't just hide away and muddy up the skin. This is a cult base that has a large loyal following and it's not too hard to understand why. It's a traditional liquid formula that feels so soft and comforting to the skin and it's like buffing in a good nights sleep as it's so radiance inducing. And even though it is so radiant it doesn't make the skin look greasy or slick and I believe it's something that could work for a number of different skin types. I truly believe that if I only had to use one base for the rest of my life then it would be this as it's just so beautiful. And even though I always say this when I talk about YSL bases they are heavily scented so if that's something you don't like then they probably aren't for you.


Blush is probably the most difficult beauty area to tackle when you have freckles because so many of them can look awful against them and of course this depends on your skin tone to but for a pale skin tone, freckles and green eyes I find the following really flattering; 

STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN PEONY*: I'll spare you the usual ramble about my love for the likes of Tarte Exposed and Nars Douceur as I've probably mentioned them a hundred times on this blog. And whilst the Stila Convertible Colour in Peony is very much in the same colour family it's a little more berry in tone and it's a cream formula which looks like a complete dream. For me, shades like these seem to work the best against freckles as they compliment the colour of them and they're not so heavy against the complexion and can still let them shine through in a flattering way. And of course, the Stila formula is second to none, such an easy product to work with and it stays put throughout the day and adds a beautiful dew to the cheek. 

PIXI BEAUTY BLUSH IN PEACH HONEY*: Peach shades are tricky for me to wear anyway as they typically make my complexion look a little odd. But the combination of the peach and the golden shade of this blush blends together beautifully and it not only adds a flush of colour but it also adds an effortless glow to the skin. I particularly like this in Summer when my skin is a little more sun-kissed as it gives the illusion that I live in California and frolick about the sunshine constantly I'm sure if you watched The Hills then you will know the exact look I'm talking about. It has a little bit of shimmer running throughout but it's nothing too obvious and the powder is so finely milled that it sits on the cheeks comfortably. 


Highlighters aren't a typically difficult beauty area to deal with when you have freckles but sometimes they can be a little too glittery for my liking and add more glitter than glow.

ZOEVA STROBE GEL*: Especially during Winter, I like to go for a highlighter that's not only cooler in tone but also a gel formula as it adds that dewiness to the skin that so often can be bypassed with the use of a powder. You only need a tiny amount of the strobe gel to add light and life to the cheeks and as it doesn't contain any glitter it gives the cheek a sheen rather than an obvious stripe of glitter. If you struggle with your skin eating up gel then setting it down with translucent powder might be a good option too. 

MAC MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH IN SOFT & GENTLE: I couldn't miss out this highlighter because not only is it a cult classic but it's so beautiful. It's a beauty product that I'm sure we've all heard about and granted it is pretty shimmery and probably isn't one to reach for if you like a more subtle glow to the skin. But as it's got an almost dirty pink undertone I find it to work pretty well against a freckled complexion. If you've never used an MSF they are a beautiful powder as they're so finely milled and they never look caked on or dry which can so easily happen with powder products. 

PERRICONE MD NO HIGHLIGHTER HIGHLIGHT*: The clue is in the name with this product. The Perricone MD brand has a whole host of products that promise a no-makeup makeup look and this creamy highlight is beautiful. It's got a golden hue without being too bronzed, gold against pale skin can usually be horribly unflattering unless it's slightly cooler in tone which this is. This can be used on all high points on the face and I can imagine it would also work when mixed in with a more matte foundation too. The creamy liquid formula is easy to work with and it settles down to almost a satin finish on the skin so a great one if you're worried about looking too dewy, although I don't know many beauty lovers who would ever think such a thing?

What are your favourite beauty products for freckles?

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