A High-End & Budget Duo That Work Wonders


Dedicating a post to just a couple of products isn't something I do very often at all but when you find a duo as good as this then it has to be shared. Something I struggle with is uneven patches of texture within my skin left over from old blemishes that have scarred and not only left a lovely red mark but also either a lump or a dint. One of my main aims with my routine as of right now is to keep my complexion looking as bright and flawless as possible and these two products have been doing that and then some.



In the cooler months I tend to strictly go for hydrating serums, it's rare that I opt for something that is just designed to brighten the skin. I'd been working this product from Institut Esthederm Paris into my routine for a few months now but never used it on a daily basis. And I loved and thought it was a great product before but now if possible, I'm even more in awe of what it is capable of doing to the skin. It's an AHA peel that not only contains glycolic and lactic acid but it also contains salicylic acid.  The first two are known for the brightening the complexion and sloughing away at dead and dull skin cells to reveal the fresh new cells that are lurking underneath. But the salicylic is a known spot fighter and it's rare that you find the two together in skincare products. Which would explain why this product is so damn good at brightening the skin, dealing with blemishes and giving you a fresh complexion within just a few uses. The name does sound a little scary but it's safe to use daily [make sure you use an SPF] if you use it in the AM and it does sting the skin slightly which may be irritating to sensitive skins but if you have a hardy complexion [mine can withstand a lot thankfully] you'll be fine. As soon as it's settled down then it leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth, even active breakouts feel calm. It's not drying at all but it's not hydrating either which leads me to the next product which works perfectly in combination with this. 

neutrogena hydro boost gel-cream*

Since I got really into skincare I have to admit that I can be a little snobby about the products I use. Granted, I do try everything and give it a fair shot because we all know that you shouldn't judge something by price. When this product from Neutrogena arrived my instant thought was that it looks very much like a product that I used from Dr Jart years ago, a gel-cream hybrid moisturising product that made my skin feel incredible. Like I said the Institut Esthederm Paris* product isn't the most hydrating thing you can find but in combination with this it gives you the most beautiful dewy perfected complexion I've ever had. It's like I've used a perfecting hydrating primer but I haven't and when going makeup-free being able to see my skin look like that is incredible. This beautiful yet bargain moisturiser from Neutrogena is such a lovely formulation, a cooling yet comforting cream-gel that feels glorious as soon as it's applied to the skin. It's one of those products that could easily transition throughout the seasons which is rare to find. The reason why it is just so wonderfully hydrating is due to the hyaluronic acid gel matrix which really locks the moisture in and even though it does inject so much moisture it doesn't overload the complexion and make it feel slippery or greasy as it's oil free. 


Have you tried either of these products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty