A Little Bedroom Re-Arrange For Autumn


- post in collaboration with Juniqe -

I’ve been meaning to rejig our bedroom for months and I’ve made little changes here and there but last week with the push of having some new prints to hang I finally set aside an evening to switch things up. Whilst the current set up worked for us and didn’t look terrible I knew it could look better and I’m so pleased with how it looks now and I’ve managed to tackle all the clutter that was hanging around which is a relief. It’s quite a large space but something I struggle to work around is the boarded up fireplace which I so desperately wish hadn’t been boxed up as it could have made a wonderful feature. Anyway, here are the small changes that I’ve made and the difference that it’s made.


a new dressing table

Some of you might recognise this desk as originally it was my workspace but after upgrading my tech it didn’t quite work so it had been sat in the spare room for months. I knew I wanted to give it a new use and I thought about maybe making it into a workspace downstairs but a dressing area in the bedroom seemed to work better for now. It perfectly fits into one of the alcoves and is big enough to be comfortable to sit at but not so huge that it takes over the entire space. The upstairs in our house has very high ceilings so to make the area a little more interesting I’ve created a small gallery wall with some new botanical prints from Juniqe*. Having a white room can feel a little stark and unwelcoming but the addition of artwork makes a big difference. I'm a sucker for greenery and I love these botanical inspired prints. I’ve tried to keep things simple on the dressing table itself, I love having personal trinkets scattered around and can get carried away but I’ve tried to keep things simple with the key pieces being plants, a circular mirror, and a few beauty pieces obviously.


The chimney breast

I mentioned this area earlier and how much of pain it has been to work with when it comes to furniture placement in the room. There had been a bench here previously which I did like and it was brilliant for taking pictures on but ultimately it didn’t work that well for the layout of the room. So after dismantling my ladder shelves and little dressing area that used to live in the alcove, I moved the mirror to the centre of the room. The mirror really helps break up the space as well as bouncing light around the room. I’ve tried to balance the area with a couple of seascapes prints from Juniqe* and I think the colour palette works wonderfully. Because this area of the room already juts out it’s nice to have kept things simple and I wanted to create an area where I could share outfit photographs where the space wasn’t really cluttered and I think I've done exactly that.


the ladder shelves

We’ve had these ladder shelves for a couple of years now and they’re still one of the best things that we’ve ever bought. They not only look lovely but because we have got high ceilings it helps brings things up the wall a little more rather than into the room which I prefer. They had become quite cluttered with things so when I moved them I took everything off, not only giving them a good deep clean but to get rid of anything we didn't need. I’ve paired things back to prints*, notepads, plants, and books as well as a couple of other items. For a while, I was really struggling with styling them and a couple of key things I’ve learned is to balance each shelve with each other and have a general colour scheme throughout. Whilst we’re waiting for our bathroom to be done I’ve popped my skincare on the bottom shelf which is out of the sun but as soon as I can move that then I’m going to add some more prints.



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