A Look Back Through My Skincare Archives


A couple of weeks ago I went back through my beauty archives and looked back through what I loved and used for many years and if I still use them now. I thought it would be interesting to do it with my skincare posts too as looking back I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of post on what products I was loving at the time. I never thought I would feel as passionate about skincare as I do make-up but to be honest, I think I love it even more. Taking good care of my canvas is incredibly important to me, especially as I’ve got older and realised just how much can affect it. So here’s a little look back through my skincare archives and whether or not I still reach for these products now.


liz earle skincare

This was the first proper skincare brand I ever used and truly loved. I still remember going into John Lewis in Nottingham with my sister and picking up their starter kit which consisted of their cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and a muslin cloth. When I picked up this set its when my skin was at it’s absolute worst and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so low about my appearance as I did then. So discovering Liz Earle and then seeing it work wonders on my very sore skin was life-changing, it didn’t get rid of the issues that I was facing but it did calm my complexion a huge amount. As well as teaching me what it was like to have a solid skincare routine as before that point I’d never had one and chopped and changed what I was using like no-ones business. The Cleanse & Polish is still a product that I use and love now, it’s such a beautiful cleanser and one that I know I can turn to at any point no matter what my skin is like. It removes makeup so beautifully as well as being a brilliant cleanser overall, I’m left with a soft, hydrated and generally happy complexion after using this. Their toner is something that when I do get the chance to use again I love but in general, I prefer something exfoliating and I’ve not used their moisturiser in quite a while but it is sitting in my bathroom cabinet waiting to be tried again. Liz Earle is a brand that I’d recommend to anyone if they’re only just getting into skincare as they make things so simple to understand and it’s something that I wish I’d used in my teenage years.


oskia renaissance cleansing gel

This was a cult blogger product a few years ago and the one that made a lot of people change their mind on gel cleansers as for so long they’d generally been pretty terrible and so drying. This is a beautiful gel that melts down into an oil and is an absolute dream on the skin, it melts down makeup so easily and provides an incredible boost of moisture. What I loved about this the most is that it contained pumpkin enzymes which gave the skin a natural chemical exfoliant and got rid of any dead skin cells that might be hanging around on the surface of the skin. It’s not something that I’ve picked up in a couple of years as I’ve been trying other things but I would happily go back to it as it was so brilliant for maintaining a bright complexion which is something that I do struggle with.

la roche posay effaclar duo

Even to this day, this is one of the only products on this blog that has a dedicated review on it, which is a big deal because I never really write about just one single item. Out of all the skincare products that I used when my skin was at its worst this is the one that changed it all. It helped an incredible amount with my congestion issues, my breakouts in general and the biggest thing was the texture of my complexion which isn’t something that I ever expected. I will say, Effaclar Duo is very much a marmite product and your skin either loves it or it hates it, thankfully my skin absolutely loved this and even now when I come back to it somehow it still has the same effect as it did then. Since I originally discovered this product it was been reformulated to target scarring included which has been a great addition to it as I do struggle with breakouts leaving a scar. If my skin was ever in a bad way again I would not hesitate to return to this as it works with my skin beautifully and the price point is so good too.


origins skincare

A brand that once dominated my skincare collection was Origins. I used to head to CCO’s to find the line at a cheaper rate as they are a more premium skincare line and at this point, I have tried so many things and apart from a couple they’ve all been such great items that I’d happily use again. Again, this was a brand that I used at the time when my skin was at it’s worst and some standout items that helped a lot. Particularly the Make A Difference and the Dr Weil Mega Bright ranges. Their moisturisers and serums were always such a firm favourite of mine as well as their face masks, some of them I still use today. Whilst I don’t think I’d have so much of my skincare regime designated to one brand like I once did there are still stand out items that I would use now.

antipodes aura manuka honey mask

As well as the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque the Antipodes Manuka Honey mask sat happily alongside the majority of bloggers skincare ranks. And it was a mask that I used and loved for a long time as it was a deep cleansing mask with a difference as it was also a moisturising mask at the same time. At the time I’d only used masks that set down so solid that they became uncomfortable and a nightmare to remove so this was a breath of fresh air as you simply wiped it away after 10 minutes. Despite really enjoying this mask when I used it I don’t think that I’d repurchase this now as I have so many other lovely masks that I prefer but if you struggle a lot with cleansing masks and their tendency to be a little drying it’s a great one to check out.

honourable mentions

  • Balance me skincare

  • Clarins Chemical Exfoliant

  • Aesop Parlsey Seed Masque

  • Garnier Micellar Water

  • Elemis Cleansing balm

  • Boots Botanical Rosewater Toner

what do your skincare archives look like?

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