A Love Letter To Lipstick


After writing a post a few days ago all about the beauty favourites that I'd not used in a while and obviously I'd been through my beauty stash it made me have a serious look at my lipstick collection. And here's the thing, I love lipstick and I mean I really love lipstick it's one of those beauty products that really makes my heart flutter and I'm always down to try a new shade and formulation. But for some reason, it's a product that I find myself rarely reaching for and I'm not sure so here's a little love letter and a public apology to all the lipsticks that I've not worn in far too long.



I'm sure none of us need a reminder of how much hype these lip products had surrounding them when they were initially released. It's been a while since I've seen so much hype surrounding a lip product. And of course, in true Rebecca style, I had to wait a couple of years to try them. If you haven't heard about these cult lipsticks from Nars they're a satin finish lipstick that are so soft and creamy on the lips. And one of my personal favourite things is that it only takes one swipe for them to leave a completely opaque finish on the lips. They wear beautifully, have good staying power and they fade away rather than just leaving that weird tide line of lipstick on the lips. They're a pricey product but if you love to splurge on your lipsticks then they are wonderful. I have the shade Barbara* which is such a beautiful nude which leans on the dirty side of pink which is exactly the type of shade I love to go for.


I mentioned this lipstick in my post on Friday so I won't go on about it too much. But if you didn't read that post [catch up here] and you're not familiar with these lipsticks from Clinique here's a little run down on them. They're a somewhat creamy formula, I find them to be more of a satin finish on the lips and they have great wear time and feel super hydrating too. But the best thing about these lipsticks is that they have a built-in primer so they glide over the lips and leave a super perfected finish with minimum effort. My favourite shade from the line has always been Plum Pop*, I'm such a sucker for a good berry shade and this is perfect as it's still somewhat of a neutral so can be worn on a daily basis. For a lipstick that comes from a somewhat luxe brand they sit at a really good price point and I think if you're new to the world of lipsticks they're a great starting point as they're pretty foolproof. 



These lip crayons were such a big hit in the blogging world and they were released shortly after the Revlon Lip Butters. Which were absolutely everywhere, you couldn't read a blog post without them being featured somewhere. And I've always been a fan of the shade Sultry from this line and the name of these products is a little misleading because they really aren't a matte. Well maybe they were at the time of release but now we're in a time where matte means it's not coming off the lips unless you really scrub it off. Anyway, so I find them more of a satin finish which I prefer as you can still get some hydration but they have great longevity. You don't have to worry about these smearing and they wear comfortably throughout the day. I do love a lip product in crayon format [especially a twist up] because they're such a breeze to apply.



Apparently, this is an age-defying lipstick which I can't say I'm all that inclined to believe but it's a really lovely lip product anyway. This isn't something to use when you really want to make a statement that's for sure but for an easy to wear day to day lipstick that wears comfortably and evenly then this is for you. And what I really love about these lipsticks is they always make my lips look healthy and plump as it adds a slight sheen which is what my complexion needs sometimes. But it doesn't slip and slide around which is so often the case with lip products that are hydrating. If you're the type of person to just wear one lipstick every day and want it to go with every type of makeup look this could be for you. 


Surprisingly I'm not all that fond of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks but something I am a big fan of is the Lip Cheats from the brand. And if you've been reading my blog for a long time you will know that before I really fell for wearing lipstick I was such a big lover of lipliners. I used to scribble them all over the lip and wear them in the same way that you would wear a lipstick but they would stay put all day and were foolproof to touch up when on the go without a mirror. And that is exactly why I love the Lip Cheats, long gone are the days where lip pencils were super drying and dragged the lip when applied. They're incredibly long lasting but still have a creaminess to them and if you do want to add a lipstick on top they make a beautiful base. 


What are your favourite lipsticks?

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