A Low-Key Weekend Makeup Menu

My weekends are always pretty low-key due to my hermit/work at the weekend tendencies but that doesn't mean I don't like to apply a little bit of makeup. So whether you like to spend your weekend inside, at work or go out. Here is my current makeup menu for a simple low key look that only takes a few minutes to apply [making it perfect for early mornings too]. 

BAREMINERALS BARE SKIN CONCEALER*: This is a concealer that's so good that you could easily skip applying anything else over the top of it. From blemishes to dark circles, scarring and discolouration. It covers it all as well as having the ability to add radiance to the skin without glitter or shimmer. Which is a rare trait in any type of concealer as so often they're just illuminating or just cover up blemishes. The formula is beautiful to work with, it's incredibly soft and creamy due to the built in serum but it stays on the skin and wears evenly throughout the day. It's rare that I think concealers are worth more of high-end price tag [in-fact, I think this may be the first?] but this one certainly is. 

LANCOME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA CUSHION FOUNDATION*: This was a product that I was incredibly dubious about upon first impressions [see them here]. Mostly down to the sponge application as it's so far away from what I'm used to. The formulation of this foundation is absolutely dreamy and when used in combination with the sponge in a patting motion it provides an effortless flawless finish. It has the perfect balance of feeling lightweight on the complexion whilst offering medium coverage that can easily be built up. And even though it does have such a good level of coverage it's not at all mask-like and allows your natural skin to breath through. Due to the way that this is packaged it makes it ideal for taking on the go if you like to be able to touch up when out. And even though it's a sponge applicator it's incredibly hygienic. 

NARS DOUCEUR BLUSH: Whenever I feel unsure about what blush to apply or just want something understated I'll always reach for a brown toned pink like Nars Douceur. Sadly this exact shade has been discontinued by the brand but there are similar options out there like Tarte Exposed and Rimmel's Santa Rose. As well as adding a subtle hint of colour to the skin the brown undertone makes it perfect for sculpting and adding dimension to the face. Even though this exact shade isn't available anymore the Nars formulation is still second to none, so buttery and easy to work with. 

SOAP AND GLORY ARCHERY PENCIL*: If you're not someone who subscribes to the whole heavy statement brow look then a pencil like Soap & Glory Archery is awesome. It's incredibly easy to use as the formula is waxy enough that it stays put in the brows. But it doesn't look too harsh and creates a soft feathery effect. Of course, if you did want to create more of a structured strong brow then it's easy enough to build an intense finish with. And it's one of those wonderful brow pencils that comes with a built-in spoolie which is a total day to day essential if you suffer from sad brow syndrome. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: Even if I don't wear any other makeup. I still tend to reach for a mascara just to open up my eyes and make myself look more awake. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is probably my favourite high street mascara of all time. It delivers an almost perfect lash look with a lot of lift, separation, curl and volume. And it stays put all day without the need for a stubborn waterproof formula. The small brush might look like it's a pain to use upon first glance but it's really easy to work with and allows you to get right down the root of the lash.

JO MALONE MIMOSA & CARDAMOM*: Of course, perfume isn't a makeup product but I think no matter how you're spending your weekend you can always wear a delicious scent. Now we're finally getting into Autumn I've been reaching for Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom. It's such an unusual scent and quite different to anything else that I own or wear. The mimosa & cardamom make it quite a statement scent as it's almost spicy when first spritzed. But when it settles it's still a sweet feminine fragrance due to the damask rose. 

What are your favourite makeup items to apply for a low key look?

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