A Minimal Make-up Medley I Can Get On Board With


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Full coverage bases will always have my heart, at first, it was through necessity because I wasn’t confident enough with my skin when it was covered in spots and then scarring. But now I love the way they look and how they make me feel, I’m very much into the perfected skin look but I never want to look like I’ve applied a tonne of foundation and there is no sign of my natural skin at all. However, on the days I don’t have a lot of time but still want to apply products to boost my confidence a little then I will reach for something that’s simple to apply but still makes me feel awesome and this is the current minimal makeup medley I’m into.



Tinted moisturisers, BB creams, CC creams or anything else in that genre of beauty are things that I’ve always tried, liked but never properly stuck to. I’ve always scampered back to my foundations as I preferred them but this is one that I really do love. In the past, I’ve paired it with other fuller coverage options but right now I’m wearing it alone and still loving the things it does to my complexion. It’s not as glossy on the skin as the majority of tinted moisturiser can be, I like a dewy skin look as much as the next beauty blogger but something I’m not a big fan of is looking oily. My own natural glow in combination with a dewy product isn’t always what I want, there’s a fine line between a healthy natural flush and looking sweaty. As well as the fact it’s not insanely dewy on the skin I love the gel formulation, it feels calming and soothing on the skin but it still offers up a decent amount of coverage and can be very easily built up. I use this alone without any primer, concealer, powder or corrector and still feel confident throughout the day. It’s very much a my skin but somewhat improved type of base which is perfect for lazy days when I can’t be bothered with multiple products. As we’re still in the colder months right now I’m not have any issues with this melting away on the skin as like I said I’m not using any type of primer or powder but in the summer (if it’s as warm as last year) then I might need something on top to continue to use it. And when I’m using this I don’t feel the need for a separate SPF as it’s already got it built in which is a great added bonus.


Nars is a brand that I’m not all that familiar with, I've only used a couple of products from them. But one thing that I do know for sure is that their blushers are absolutely fantastic. We all know Douceur is one of my favourite shades of all time, even though it pains me every time I use it because it’s been sadly discontinued. Another shade that is somewhat similar but is more a shimmery offering is Madly. It’s a great one whether I’ve got more of a tan or have my standard pale complexion as it works wonderfully for both, and as it’s in the same vein as Douceur it sculpts the cheeks as well as adding a healthy flush of colour to them. It does contain some shimmer but I don’t find it to be horribly overbearing or make me look like I’ve dunked my face in glitter. As always with Nars cheek products, they have superb lasting time and even at the end of a long day don’t look patchy or uneven on the skin which is one of my biggest bugbears with a lot of blushers.



Brow pencils aren’t typically my thing, in general, I much prefer my most loved brow powder (MAC Mystery) and an angled brush. But on low key makeup days, I can get away with a quick brush through of this and I’m good to go. It’s got a spoolie on the end which is absolutely key for my brows, typically they slope down and look incredibly sad for the majority of the time so they need something to stop that as much as physically possible. This product only comes in one shade, which initially made me very sceptical as I typically don’t think any products like this can be a good match for everyone. But this does work for me (obviously, I cannot comment on the behalf of anyone else), it creates a very natural brow and the shade itself is a lovely neutral so doesn’t lean too red or ashy which is so important for brows. The waxy consistency of the pencil and the general shape makes it so much easier to use than most pencils I’ve ever reached for, some of them are so fiddly and make precision pretty much impossible.



I’m not sure why but I much prefer to layer any mascara I’m using. I’ve only ever found one that truly does everything that I want it to do but anything else I tend to find is better when used in combination with something else. The bareMinerals Lashtopia is brilliant for really fanning out the lashes and grabbing every single one making you look like you’ve got perfect natural lashes. It doesn’t add a crazy amount of volume for me though which I like if I’m not wearing any other makeup. That’s where the Benefit mascara has it’s time to shine as that builds volume easily and the spiky ball on the end of the brush ensures nothing gets too clumpy. Obviously, there is absolutely no need to buy two mascaras but as of right now I’m thoroughly enjoying the effect these two have on my lashes. I also find that the They’re Real in combination with Lashtopia makes it far easier to remove because one of the reasons I stopped using this mascara is because it’s typically such a nightmare to remove.



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