A Neutral Lovers Evening Look

Now we're in Autumn it means we're fast approaching that time of year where evening occasions become more of a regular occurrence and it's prime glitter season [although there is never a bad time to apply glitter]. Even though I'm a total homebody I love any opportunity to apply my classic statement look which consists of a bold rose lip and a seriously glittery champagne eye. And in today's post, I'm not only chatting about my go to lazy girl friendly evening appropriate look. But I'm also sharing my new favourite way say goodbye to lashings of mascara and layers of glitter with Simple's newly released eye makeup remover. 



Just because heavy smokey eyes, big brows and seriously matte lips aren't my thing. That doesn't mean I don't love to make a statement when I'm going out. The beauty addict in me has discovered over the years that there are so many ways to invent a bold look without going for the usual options. Whilst the shades and formulations might alter the key elements that I like to go for in my evening look always tend to stay the same. What can I say I'm a creature of habit? So here is the beauty brief that I work towards; 

  1. Skin: Radiant but flawless. Imperfections must be covered but the coverage shouldn't be so heavy that my freckles don't show through.
  2. Brows: Full but fluffy and brushed through with something to help them stay up all night. 
  3. Eyes: A dimensional eye with champagne glitter and brown liner in the water line. With lashings of mascara to create voluminous fanned out lashes with a lot of lift. 
  4. Cheeks: A brown based dusky pink blush that can not only add colour to the cheek but sculpt and add definition too. 
  5. Lips: To tie in the with cheeks and eyes a brown based rose that's a satin formula so it's long lasting but comfortable to wear all night. 


As much as I love sitting, buffing and blending my makeup in till my heart's content. There is nothing better than removing it all at the end of the day. And we've all been there when you're tired from being out, especially if you've been out for a meal and you're cradling a pizza baby all the way home. It's all too tempting to stay in your makeup and collapse into bed. But we're so lucky that there are so many easy ways to remove everything without going to a huge amount of effort now. Because we all know removing your makeup is skincare rule number 1. 

I've been road testing the Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover* recently. And it's been making light work of removing lashings of mascara (even waterproof!) and layers of champagne glitter with ease, whilst conditioning and caring for your lashes too. You don't have to use multiple cotton rounds or pull and tug at your delicate peepers when using this product. It's a bi-phase makeup remover so you have to shake it to activate the oil and water formulation before using it so it can really get to work at breaking down the makeup. So often oil based eye make-up removers can be super irritating to the eye and leave the area feeling greasy and oily but as this is a product from Simple. It's kind to the skin and doesn’t cause irritation, sting and most importantly doesn't mean I'm pulling any lashes out by accident by tugging at my eyes. I'm so glad to have this little wonder in my routine now as it's such a lovely skincare item and it's been rescuing my white flannels from becoming victims of my mascara not being removed properly. It's also perfect for removing a bold lip with ease, who doesn't love a 2-in-1? 

What's your go to evening look?

R x

- this post is in collaboration with Simple Skincare but my love for champagne glitter and thoughts are all my own -

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty