A New Glow Inducing Skincare Duo


Discovering any type of skincare product that does wonderful things to your complexion is an incredible feeling but then when you discover two that work in harmony together, well that is even better. In the past month or so there have been two products that I've been reaching for when my skin is in dire need of a refresh and they've been making my complexion glow like nothing else has before so here are the details in case you're in need of a boost. 


We all know that my love for exfoliating toners is strong, I use them every day and they're what I rely on to keep my complexion looking healthy. And when it comes to trying out anything new I'm quite the critic, I've always had great experiences with Vichy products before and this item has increased my adoration for the brand even more. The Idéalia Peeling* treatment is to be used in the evening to refresh the skin, even out the texture and that's exactly what it does. I've had a couple of hormonal spots pop up right on cue and when they're coming to an end they can often linger and this has really helped them to fade away as well as keeping things looking smooth in general. I can often struggle with texture issues and get dry patches and this has certainly helped to bypass any of those coming up. It contains everyone's favourite ingredient; glycolic acid and that is something that I know my skin absolutely adores, it scrubs away at those little dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion without the use of anything really harsh that will cause irritation and flare-ups. As well wonder ingredient glycolic acid and lots of other delicious fruit acids it also contains glycerin which helps the skin stay soft and smooth. So when I use this it gives me that awesome tingly sensation which always makes me think something is getting to work but I never have to worry about it becoming even slightly dry because of the glycerin. This reminds me slightly of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner, so if you've used that then you will more than likely enjoy this. 


This little tube of wonder arrived in a Ren gift set around the festive season and it's a product that definitely sparked my interest. As much as I love skincare sometimes when I'm really tired I can't be bothered to slather on a number of different creams and just want to wash my face, apply something that requires minimum effort and go to bed. Enter this overnight facial and let's just say I have a real soft spot for anything that can do magical things to my skin whilst I'm asleep. The mask has 3 main aims which are to exfoliate, massage and then to hydrate and I have to admit, it really does do all 3. Containing wonderful ingredients such as lactic and glycolic acids which like I mentioned before, are well-known glow givers. This also contains a lot of other feel good ingredients, one surprisingly being shea butter which is typically something I find myself very sensitive to but not in this instance. But if you are really sensitive to that then maybe give this a miss or be wary of it. When I wake up and I've used the two of these products together my skin looks like I've had a wonderful nights sleep even when my body may not have which is something I'm sure we can all relate to. As when we're not doing so well our complexion is usually the first place to show it. I imagine if you were hungover this duo would be a particular help too. Just one thing to note is with the use of glycolic acids please do make sure you use an SPF as it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. 


Have you ever tried either of these products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty