A Statement Eye Without The Smoke

When most people think of a statement eye it's normally something of a smokey nature. Personally, that kind of eye look has never been for me and I prefer to go for something a little fresher that can still make a statement, but in a different way. Today I present to you my favourite products and tools for creating a statement eye without the smoke. 


TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: An eye primer can make all the difference to how your makeup not only looks but how it performs too. This helps the shadow to adhere to the eye and it doesn't budge at all throughout the day so is key for those of us who struggle with shadows creasing. The champagne shade helps to neutralise the lid and create a beautiful base for any other shadow you might apply over the top.  

MAC EYESHADOW IN NAKED LUNCH: Creating a layered eyed look without it looking overly obvious can be difficult. The MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch is a great way of adding colour to the lid and adding a little more definition to the eye. Even if you're not a fan of the neutral look it's a great base layer shadow. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CAMELEON PENCIL IN CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS*: When creating a statement look you can go down the natural path but with the addition of glitter it adds that extra pizazz. The Colour Chameleon Pencil in Champagne Diamonds* takes you from subtle to statement in just a couple of swipes. It's incredibly to use, just simply scribble all over the lid and use a fluffy brush to blend the shadow out. To add a little more defintion to the eye simply dab the pencil into the inner corner to create a highlight. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY THE CLASSIC AUDREY EYE PENCIL*: I'm not normally one for liner as I find it too dramatic against my complexion, but going for a soft brown pencil is the perfect way to add definition in a subtle way. You can either go for a smudged winged out effect by softly lining the eye and using a smudger brush to blend the line out. Or you can tight line the eye, which not only adds a little more interest to the look but helps the lashes to the look fuller and thicker too. 


ZOEVA 223 LUXE CREASE BRUSH*: This is the everyday girls answer to the popular but pricey MAC 217 brush. It picks up and applies shadow beautifully to the lid and makes light work of any blending you might need. Don't be fooled by it's fluffy appearance as it's still dense enough to blend everything with ease and makes any eye look a breeze, even for complete beginners. 

ZOEVA 322 BROW LINE BRUSH*: An amazing brush for all your smudging needs. Ignore its name as I can't see how this would work for brows at all but it's perfect for smudging out any liner, not only on the lid but around the water line too. It's so delicate that it can get right into the hard to reach areas without it being too bulky or big that it's difficult to maneuver. 

SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS: Lash curlers are always a staple for me, no matter what eye look I'm trying to achieve. If you struggle with your lashes looking sad and not holding their shape then I highly suggest investing in a pair of curlers. 

What is your favourite eye look to wear?

R x

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