A Weekend Beauty Reset; The Crème De La Crème


Having a good beauty reset where you tackle everything is always a good idea but there is no better time [to me] than the weekend. Getting those things done really helps me feel ready to tackle the week ahead as well as being thoroughly enjoyable too. So today I thought I'd give a rundown of everything that I do as well as my current favourite products for doing a big beauty reset in case you're in the mood for one this weekend. 



We all know that washing your makeup brushes isn't the most thrilling task in the world and we probably all put it off more than we should. And as much as we dislike the task there is nothing better than when Monday rolls around and you've got a freshly washed brush to reach for. Especially when it comes to base brushes we should be making the effort to clean them when we're prone to breakouts as I've always found it does make a difference. Over the years, I've honed in on my brush washing process and perfected it to a point where even brushes that I've had for many years once washed feel as good as they once did when they were new. My brush cleaning guide;

  1. Always wash them after you've just done your makeup, having them already damp with product really helps.
  2. Rinse, pour soap into your hand and use a swirling motion. 
  3. Once a good lather is worked up start to rinse.
  4. Under warm water [be careful of the ferrule of the brush] swirl the brush again till the water runs clear. 
  5. Squeeze all excess water out of brush and lay it at a slight downward angle so water doesn't run into the brush.
  6. My favourite brush cleanser is the Soaper Duper Hand Wash*. 


In the cooler months, I have to admit that my body care routine takes a back seat. No-one is really seeing my limbs as I'm wearing that many layers so it takes that urge off compared to summer where we're baring our skin for the world to see. I don't suffer from particularly dry skin but having a good scrub once a week helps things look a little fresher as well as helping my tattoo's look bright which is something that I'm very conscious of. A luxe body scrub that I've been thoroughly enjoying is the Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gel*, this is mostly what I use when I'm showering in a rush. It still gives you that exfoliation that you want whilst also cleaning the skin and keeping it hydrated. Then when I have a little more time and I'm having a bath then I will more than likely go for something from Soap & Glory. Their scrubs are undeniably good and really stick to the skin and leave you feeling super fresh. I suffer from swollen legs quite badly sometimes and the exfoliation, as well as the motion, really helps with them return to their normal state.



There can be a multitude of reasons why our skin might not be looking at it's best. For me, it's more than likely that I've eaten a little too much sugar and not washed my face properly. So at the weekend, I like to try and take a little more time with my skin and there are two things that I do depending on how my skin is looking;

1. Exfoliate: I chemically exfoliate on a daily basis but when it comes to manual exfoliation to get deep down into the skin I only do it around once a week. I don't like to use anything too abrasive as it can really mess around with your capillaries [I'm looking at you St Ives] so I like to go for something that is quite soft and creamy with gentle beads that can slough away any dead skin cells.  

2. Multi-mask: This is something that could probably have its own post as there are so many awesome mask combinations out there but if my skin is really looking dire then I will go for something purifying, brightening and then finish with something hydrating. Having a combination skin type can make it tricky to find one mask that does everything so multi-masking is something that works wonderfully and never fails to give me a baby soft, clear complexion for the week ahead.  


It's something that I've said time and time again but you're either somebody who loves to moisturise your body or you're not. And in the winter months when the bathroom is icy cold it's hardly an appealing task but it's something that we know is important. Like I said, my skin isn't unbearably dry but I always like to keep things nourished for my own comfort really, having that moisture in the skin also makes me feel much more confident in my body too. Thankfully, if you cannot abide standing out in the cold bathroom slathering yourself with a moisturiser that isn't the only way to put some hydration back into the skin. One of my favourite beauty discoveries of the past 12 months has been the L'OCCITANE Shower Oils. They feel absolutely beautiful when applied to the skin and work exactly like a standard shower gel but give you a serious hit of moisture. They're also fantastic for shaving as they give you a really good slip making the razor glide over the skin and once washed off they make the water soft too unlike a shaving foam. If you are a fan of more traditional moisturising routes then the Kiehl's Creme De Corps* is a dreamy product and perfect for the AM. Then for an overnight hydrating option the Sister & Co Body Food* is stunning, a thick balm that melts into an oil once massaged in leaving you feeling hydrated for well over 24 hours.


skin treats

If you don't fancy going to the trouble of multi-masking and don't care for exfoliation then a leave on skin treat might be more for you instead. My ultimate favourite for doing this is the Alpha H Liquid Gold*, it's not a far cry from the type of products that I use on a daily basis. But it being the last step in my routine and being left to work it's magic leaves me with the best looking complexion the next day. It does tingle slightly so if you're particularly sensitive then you might want to look for a slightly less intense chemical exfoliant. And a super affordable skin option is an overnight hydrating gel mask from Superdrug*, very simple in its formulation but it does the job leaving you with a healthy plump complexion in the morning. 

the deep hair wash

For some at the weekend that's when they may want to want to use a deep treatment mask on their hair and for years that is what I would do. I would slather my entire head in something nourishing, clip it up and leave it on for hours. Be sure to double wash after doing this though so your hair is free from that rich product. And when you've got damaged colour treated hair then it's a wonderful treat for your tresses. But as my hair is now thankfully no longer damaged then I tend to treat it differently, of course I still give it plenty of moisture to keep it looking shiny but one of the most important things for my freshly cut locks is keeping them product free. As I have recently had my hair cut to quite a short length and use a lot more products to style it and keep those beachy waves I painstakingly put in each morning it's all too easy for product to build up. 

For years, I was a Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo kind of girl but now I've moved onto the Davines Prep Shampoo*. It's absolutely incredible for getting all build up out of my hair without leaving it feel fried and dried out. Making sure that all the product is out of my roots makes it so much easier to achieve that bounce that I so desperately want as well as making it easier to go longer in-between washes. If you have coloured hair then you do have to be careful about using products like this but every so often shouldn't be too terrible for it. 


What are your favourite weekend beauty rituals?

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