4 Winter Style Pieces I'm Taking Into S/S & My Current Style Inspiration


-this post contains gifted items-

Now, I don’t want to get my hopes up and transfer all my warm weather clothes onto my clothing rail only to be disappointed when it’s 10 degrees for the entirety of April. But, I can’t deny that things are feeling a lot warmer and I’m getting a little balmy in my big chunky knits at the moment. Whenever I do transfer my clothes across I tend to like to do it in sections and there are always plenty of things that I keep from my A/W wardrobe and this year they are;

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patagonia retro pile hoody

Patagonia is a brand that I’ve looked at and lusted after for many years, but as their pieces are sustainably made that means they’re not always in my price range. I picked up my first piece last year and I absolutely adore it even though I can’t help but feel slightly sheepish when I wear it. But it keeps me incredibly warm and it’s a brilliant layering piece which Spring is all about. It’s obviously an item that I wear on more casual days when I’m working and when I’m out with the dogs but it’s an absolute staple in my wardrobe and I cannot recommend Patagonia enough for their pullovers. I think in the next year or so I’m definitely going to buy a grey jacket from them as that would slot into my wardrobe perfectly.

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 16.47.52.png

fatface lytham suede ankle boots (gifted)

I received this pair of boots in October and whenever it’s been warm enough and most importantly dry enough to wear them then they’re what have been on my feet. I absolutely love boots that sit quite low on the ankle as it’s what I find the most flattering and for that reason, I also think they’re perfect to be transitioned to be into the warmer months as I’ll be able to pair them with;


-denim shorts

-breton dresses

Usually suede is a material that I worry about as although it looks beautiful, it’s not the most practical if you spend most of your time trudging through the woods like I do but these have held up really well so far and I kind of like them a little more now they’ve scuffed up slightly.


joules coast cosy jacket (gifted)

Although you can wear this coat when it’s colder with the right layers underneath for me it’s much more of a Spring piece. For when it’s really cold I prefer to wear my big puffa coats as they’re like wearing a duvet and that’s exactly what I want when it’s ice cold outside. Anyway, I absolutely love this jacket as it’s not only incredibly practical but it looks pretty smart too which isn’t something you usually get when it comes to practical outerwear. I’m hoping that a jacket isn’t something that I will need that much in the warmer months but let’s be real, I live in the UK and you never want to be fair away from a raincoat. I can’t say I’ve tested out how waterproof this coat is as the dogs will not even entertain the idea of going out in the rain but I can say it’s so breathable which is so much more important than I ever gave it credit for. I love to pair this jacket with items such as;

-a striped breton

-thin and chunky knits

-jumper dresses



whistles sweatshirt

Annoyingly I can’t find my exact Whistles sweatshirt online but I’m sure you’re probably aware of the typical options that they bring out each season. And I’ve had mine for a good couple of years now and they’re such a great piece if you’re into more casual dressing as they’re incredibly comfy but they don’t look scruffy either (it's always a fine line I think). And even though these sweatshirts are very expensive (look out for them in the sales) I do find that they last incredibly well, they don’t pill up which is often the case with cheaper sweatshirts which makes the Whistles option somewhat worth the investment for me. Although let’s be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully justify nearly £80 on a jumper.




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