An Ode To Pink

There was once a time where loving pink was not considered all that 'cool' but now thanks to Pantone it's quite the colour to love and I personally couldn't be happier about it. From my homeware, stationery, clothing and of course beauty stash there are always hints of blush pink to be found in my life. I know I'm not the only one who has such a soft spot for the dreamy whimsical shade so here is an ode to a pink as well as a few of my favourite ways to wear it from lips to nails, I've got all bases covered. 

ESSIE ETERNAL OPTIMIST NAIL POLISH: If like me you can't quite pull off nude nails without them making you look like you're not quite alive then this shade is lovely. It's very simple on the nails but it looks absolutely beautiful and it still makes a little bit of statement. It's a beautiful rose cream shade that even when I'm super fair works well and looks lovely against slightly tanned skin too, it sits perfectly in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to pink. Of course, being an Essie shade it works undeniably well on my nails and I can get a good week or so out of an Essie polish with it chipping. The diffusion range from the brand has a thick creamy formulation with a wide brush that makes it incredibly simple to slick on a perfected manicure. 

BEAUTY PIE LIP GLOSS*: Typically, I'm not a lip gloss wearer as anything that can get caught in my hair is just not something I can be bothered with. But the Beauty Pie lip glosses are so beautiful to not only apply and they glide on seamlessly and feel nourishing on the lips rather than sticky or tacky. The applicator makes it super easy to apply precisely and you can get neat edges rather than a sloppy and messy application which can often be the case with lip glosses I've found. I have the shade Sugar Bun [cutest name ever?] which is very much like the Fresh lip balm in Petal but with a more glossy finish. 

TARTE EXPOSED BLUSH: It's rare that I think a product is something that could work for the majority of people but this is such a beautiful shade. It's not your typical pink as it's brown based so can also work as something you can sculpt the cheek with and add a hint of definition without reaching for a harsh contour product. I'm a big fan of the Tarte blushes as they're so easy to blend into the skin and even though Exposed is a lighter shade you don't have to swirl your brush around constantly to get any colour pay off. This shade is incredibly similar to Nars Douceur which is a beautiful shade that the brand sadly discontinued and this is one of the only dupes I've ever found. Whenever I'm in doubt this is what I reach for as it's instantly flattering and goes with pretty much any makeup look I can think of. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COACHELLA CORAL*: Whenever I want to make a statement with a pink the Charlotte Tilbury KISSING lipstick in Coachella Coral is perfect. It's a bright vibrant hue that leans on the side of rose as well as being ever so slightly blue toned which is perfect for making teeth look a little whiter. The formulation, much like you'd expect from the brand is beautiful and you only need one swipe to achieve an opaque finish but personally, I like to wear this as more of a stain. It's lovely worn in the cooler months as a stain when you want something a little more daring as it's lovely against pale skin. But when the Summer months roll around it's the perfect pop of pink to brighten up the complexion.

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL: There is no way I could ever write a post all about my favourite pinks to wear without including my beloved Fresh Sugar balm in the shade Petal. It's probably fair to share that this is the shade that kick started my entire love affair with dirty dusky pinks. It will be a surprise if you've not heard me wax lyrical about these balms but in case you haven't then they're a tinted balm that packs the same punch as a lipstick but hydrates the lips wonderfully and they wear incredibly well. It's safe to say that if I could only wear one lip product for the rest of my life then it would be these products without a doubt. They're a high-end product but it's a price I'm more than happy to pay as I just love them so much. 

CLINIQUE POP LIPS NUDE POP*: Typically I don't find nudes all that easy to wear on the lips as the majority of them can be very orange toned but this shade from Clinique would be ideal for the vast majorities of skin tones I believe. It doesn't lean too far towards the pink or orange side of nude which can often be the case and it's a middle ground nude. The Clinique Pop Lip line is lovely as they contain a built in primer which perfects and smoothes out the lips which makes them ideal if you're only just getting into beauty or just want a lipstick that will work with ease and doesn't require any prep work to look awesome. 

BARE MINERALS BUTTERCREAM GLOSS IN MUST MAUVE*: The brand currently has an entirely new line of nude lip colours coming out and out of all the products, I'm so smitten the Buttercream glosses. Again, quite unlike me because they are a gloss but I find they wear more like a liquid lipstick on the lips and are undeniably comfortable to wear and reapply throughout the day. The shade Must Mauve is an absolute dream against my pale skin and is a beautiful way to wear a bright without it being glaringly obvious as it has a soft rose hue to it. It's a thick comfortable opaque finish that wears evenly and can be blotted down to more of a stain on the lips. Even though it is a gloss you don't have to worry about it being sticky or tacky on the lips and you definitely don't need to worry about your hair being caught in them. 

What are your favourite pinks?

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