Barely There Lips

Barely there lip options are my go to on a daily basis. Even though I love poppy reds and deep burgundies they're a lot of maintenance for daily activities. Today I've rounded up my top 5 barely there lip options, ranging from liners to balms to more glossy formulations. 

CLINIQUE POP LIP - BARE POP*: One of my favourite shades from the entire pop lip line. As they contain a smoothing primer formulation you get a perfected lip look with minimal effort. It's one of the most flattering nudes I've ever come across, not too corpse like and not too peach which is key for me. This does contain a tiny amount of shimmer, but it doesn't transfer from the bullet to the lips, shimmery lipsticks aren't something I'm a fan of. 

LANOLIPS LIP OINTMENT - ROSE*: Lanolips always deliver in the lip product arena. When I want something that is a little more glossy and sheeny I reach for this. Although it's a gloss it's not horribly slippy or tacky which is a complete no go for me. The pigmentation is on the sheer side, but the colour isn't wishy washy. Particularly in the winter months this a great option as it's incredibly balmy and hydrating to the lips which is perfect for relieving any chapped areas. 

LORD & BERRY KISSABLE LIP LINER - BLOSSOM*: The best lip liner I've ever used, ever. It doesn't drag on the lips or suck all the moisture away, it's so comfortable to wear all day. This is my go to when I really want to go for minimal effort, it's incredibly long lasting like the name suggests. It really is kiss proof (it's been put to the test) so doesn't require much maintenance. From what I can see I believe they've discontinued this line which is such a shame as they're the best I've ever used.

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM - PETAL: My favourite out of all the options I'm talking about today. If you've not used a Fresh Lipbalm then you're missing out, seriously. Everything from the packaging to the formulation is what I want in a lip product. Although it's marketed as a tinted balm it packs a punch in the pigmentation stakes. This is my natural lip shade in a bullet so it fills out any lighter area's on my natural lip line giving me a fuller lip shape without the need to overline. 

CLARINS LIP BALM CRAYON - SOFT COFFEE*: When this fell through my letterbox I saw the colour on the tube and stupidly turned my nose up at it. It's quite brown in the bullet but in the lips it's the perfect dirty rose. The formulation of these crayons is perfect for those of us who are lazy with their lip maintenance. It's so creamy that it doesn't drag on dry patches of skin so ideal when you're in a rush or reapplying. If you're not familiar with the scent of the products from Clarins it's the complete dream, dare I say even better than MAC?

What are your favourite barely there lip products?

R x

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