Beauty On Trial #5

Trying and testing new beauty products is something I find so exciting. Especially when the products either have a lot of hype surrounding them or they make some pretty bold claims. Here is the fifth instalment of Beauty On Trial. 

SOIGNÉ POLISHES*: I've said before that high-end polishes aren't usually my thing. And out of all the luxury brands out there, Soigné is one that has always interested me. Mostly down to their muted colour range and minimal packaging. Their Spring range arrived on my doorstep and I applied the shade Consacrer* immediately, it's that dreamy milky blue photographed above. It's without a doubt the most beautiful blue toned almost lavender shade that I've even worn. Same goes for the shade Adorer*. If you love shades like Nails Inc Porchester Square this is for you. I find it incredibly flattering even though it is so pale on the nail. Formula and brush wise, Soigné get it right. The wide brush makes it easy to apply the shades and the formula is thick and creamy so you only need a couple of coats for an opaque manicure. In combination with a good top & base coat [stay tuned for details on those] you can get a good 5 days of wear with minimal chipping. 

BALANCE ME INSTANT LIFE PORE MINIMISER*: Primers are something that I always look forward to trying. It's an instant gratification product because you can always tell if they work well or not. Balance Me is always a brand that I've had a great experience with, until now. This is a creamy primer that aims to minimise pores, smooth out skin surface and plump fine lines. When applied to the skin this does feel great but I can't tell if it really does anything for the appearance of my skin but it does make my complexion feel smooth. However once any product is applied over this even after waiting for everything to become properly absorbed. It just balls up and pills and if I'm honest makes my foundation look like it's peeling off my face. Such a shame as I had high hopes but it just doesn't work for me. 

BALANCE ME TINTED WONDER EYE CREAM*:  As the primer worked out so badly for me I was sceptical about the eye cream. However, it's a much better tale for this new release. It's very similar to Origins GinZing eye but less sparkly. It helps to combat dark circles with the added bonus of coverage. And it's also incredibly hydrating which can help sooth and calm down stressed and tired skin. I always feel that eye cream is a product that you never see a huge amazing result from when using initially. But it's something, in the long run, that can make such a difference. 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE BRIGHTENING SERUM*: When I saw this new release from Oskia I was super excited to give it a try. Since getting my breakouts under control and minimal I've been trying to fade away scars and areas of discolouration. I find those areas can be really pesky to cover up and even when I'm not tackling an active breakout it can still look as angry. This serum feels incredibly light on the skin, it's very much like Estee Lauder ANR in consistency but just that little bit lighter. Although the smell isn't all that pleasant. I've not been using this long enough to see a huge difference in the deep scars in my skin. But within just a couple of weeks, I've noticed my complexion is generally a lot brighter and skin clarity has improved. As always with Oskia, their serums are pricey but if you're able to make the investment I do think they're great. But if you're not in that position there are other products on the market that are more cost friendly and can offer the same sort of skincare benefits. 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE 360 CREAM*: Unlike the serum which I've loved using. I feel like the moisturiser is slightly disappointing. It offers the same sort of benefits such as improving elasticity, hydrating, reducing fine lines, brightening the skin and targeting pigmentation, discolouration and scars. You can get the same benefits from products that are slightly cheaper and they feel more nourishing on the skin too. And this is where I feel this moisturiser is lacking the real wow factor. Upon application it doesn't feel comforting, it's almost too lightweight. Which might not be a complaint from those who have oily skin but for me, I need to feel like my skin is hydrated as soon as I apply my moisturiser. And I don't feel like I get this from this latest release, which is a shame as I'm sure in combination with the serum they're a great double act. 

ELEGANT TOUCH NAIL APOTHECARY PRODUCTS*: Whenever I think of Elegant Touch as a brand I immediately think of their press on nail line. I never gave much thought about their nail care range. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they are without a doubt the best I've used. From their top coat to cuitcle oil to their base coats, everything works so well, especially when used together. They've been giving my manicures some serious longevity, even with polishes that don't typically last amazingly well on the nail. So it's been great to be able to make good used out of those products. In terms of price range, they're pretty reasonably priced, around a similar price to Essie polishes. So not incredibly cheap but well worth the extra money for nail care products that actually work. 

What beauty products have you been trying recently?

R x

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