Beauty Transitions To Make This Autumn


You know us bloggers, we love a transitional beauty post and as the weather seems to have to have gone from Summer to Autumn way too quickly for my liking and I've had to start switching over my beauty products already. And I try to steer clear of the typical A/W beauty trends like berry and gold everything. But there are a few things that I always love to reach for when the season rolls around, even if it's a little premature this year.



Even though my skin is a little more oily than it is anything else I can still reach for cream products in the Summer months. But when the weather is all over the place it takes a tole on my complexion and it usually looks pretty lacklustre. Which is why I always love to reach for really creamy products, a hydrating foundation is an obvious option but a cream blush, eyeshadow or highlighter isn't always the most obvious choice. Sometimes it doesn't matter how finely milled a powder is it can still sit on the skin and look a little off. Which is why I adore a good cream product so much, with the right formulation they add such a beautiful sheen to the skin and instantly add a healthy glow to even the most sleep deprived complexions. This A/W I want to delve more into cream eyeshadows and start to work with a multidimensional look a little more. As well as of course reaching for all the glitter, because it is the season after all.


If I know that my skin is feeling and looking a little blurgh there are a few things that I like to reach for an instant pick me up. And one of those things in the colder months is always an oil of some sort. It doesn't matter whether it's a cleansing oil, a facial oil or even one that I slather my body in. And I completely understand why people hate oils, especially when they have more oily skin because well why would you ever want to slather on more? But oils can work beautifully on an oily complexion and maybe even keep it more balanced than before. To get used to the world of oils and how your skin reacts to them [we're talking facial oils here]. I love a dry oil, it still gives that beautiful moisture boost that people seek when using an oil but it doesn't feel as slippery. Clinique has an absolutely superb option that isn't too pricey and it lasts such a long time, perfect if you want something to hydrate but also help with any scarring.



I'm not somebody who is all that particular about the fragrance that they wear and what season it is. Of course, when it's warmer I do tend to reach for more floral scents and then when the temperatures drop I pick up my warm musk scents but I'm still a sucker for a slight hint of floral. Every September Jo Malone releases a new fragrance and they never disappoint and this years is absolutely beautiful. English Oak & Hazelnut* just sounds like A/W in a bottle to me and also weirdly a Ferrero Rocher, anybody else? Anyway, I was going to save this till it was a little colder but I just had to give it a spritz. It contains notes of;

  • Green hazelnut 
  • Roasted Oak
  • Cederwood.

So, yes, pretty heavenly for the upcoming seasons and Jo Malone, in general, are what I tend to gravitate towards in the cooler seasons. Which is perfect as they make the best Christmas gifts as they are quite pricey but oh so worth it. 



I know I mentioned oils earlier but something else I wanted to talk about is moisture in general. So obviously we all tend to reach for more hydrating moisturising options for our face but what about everywhere else? As well as comforting skincare I always love to reach for a hydrating primer too, it almost makes a moisture sandwich under makeup which is ideal when going from hot to cold conditions. Also adding a boost of moisture under the eyes is also something I find to help so much with my general appearance too. Then of course reaching for products that are a little more hydrating that could take shape in the form of a tinted lip balm opposed to a matte liquid lipstick. As well as your beauty and skincare routine it's also so important to make sure your skin all over is hydrated with the use of hydrating body washes or an oil if you're feeling fancy then finishing off with a thick body butter. Just because our limbs on show anymore doesn't mean they don't need some TLC. 


My shadow shade choice doesn't typically change all that much because I'm married to my champagnes and we all know how much of a committed love affair I am in with them. But a shade that I've started to fall more and more in love with is taupe, obviously it's not exactly a far cry from champagne but still, it's pretty different for me. It's a little more bronze than I'm used to which is something that I steered away from for years as I never thought they suited me. And I'm never going to be someone to don a super bronzed eye look but a taupe is something I can get on board with. So if you're married to the vanilla and champagne way of life maybe a taupe is something that could work into your beauty routine this A/W. They still make a pretty statement on the eye but they're still simple enough to wear day to day. 


As well as switching up my beauty routine this is also the time of year that I do a little bit of beauty admin and I thought I'd share some of my favourite tasks with you if you're a little like me and your heart sings from organisation; 

  • Cleaning all my beauty products.
  • Putting any foundations away that are too dark for me. 
  • Ditching any mascara that is dried out.
  • Bringing nourishing lip options to the front of my collection. 
  • Getting rid of anything that I've not used all summer. 
  • Bringing all hydrating base options to the front of my stash. 
  • Putting all thick body butters and creams in my eye line in the bathroom so I don't miss them.
  • Switching to hydrating shampoos and conditioners rather just volumising options. Static hair is the bane of my life in A/W. 

What are your favourite beauty transitions to make?

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