Being A Hairy Girl

I'm a really hairy girl, there is no denying that. And over the years, it's something that I've really struggled with as it's always put out as such as a negative thing. So it's something that I always want to try and talk about in more over here on From Roses to try and battle some of the stigma, so fellow hairy girls read along. 


How often have we seen a female be the source of mockery by the media because she might not have shaved under her armpits? Far too many. And when you think about it, it's completely ridiculous and these are the awful messages that we're putting out to young impressionable girls. The message that if you've not got rid of hair that grows naturally that you're a vile human. And I know that's exactly how I felt as a teenager. The media along with the general public have felt it their place for as long as I can remember to mock women for something that's natural. And that's not ok, it's a choice that we should be able to make based on our own feelings and what we feel comfortable with. Whilst I'd like to say there is XYZ that you can do to deal with the negativity surrounding body hair, it's not that simple. Personally, I like to remove certain body hair and it's just what I'm comfortable with now but I in no way advocate doing it if you feel forced into doing it by anyone else.  


I'm sure we all have a similar memory of being a teenager and wanting to be let loose with a razor because all the popular girls were allowed to shave. I wish I'd waited longer to shave my legs because in reality there is no need for me to be taking on that life long habit at age 11. And for getting rid of the hair on my legs, armpits and bikini area. I've always stuck to shaving because it's the cheapest and quickest way I've found to remove the hair. I don't believe it's the most effective way to get things done but for me, it does the job. I've found the key to having a happy relationship with shaving is to exfoliate thoroughly and use an ingrown hair solution in delicate areas. Also changing the head of your razor regularly. Of course, if you have a pricey razor then doing it every time is going to work out horribly expensive but every so often is fine. 


Waxing isn't something that I've ever had a huge interest in doing apart from my eyebrows and my face. As you have to grow the hair out to a certain point and then there's the price aspect of it. Those two elements together have put me off using it for more areas of my body. Whilst I no longer wax my eyebrows to keep them in shape I do have my face waxed. And this is something that I wish was spoken about a lot more in the beauty blogging world. I've got a considerable amount of peach fuzz on my face and since my teen years, it's made me incredibly self-conscious. And even though it's not really noticeable it's there and it's something that when it's removed makes me feel 1000% times more confident. Getting your face waxed is pretty painful, I won't lie and it takes quite a while and your face will be tomato red. So maybe get it done on a day that you don't have anywhere to be. However the results are awesome and they're long lasting as well. So if you're someone who is also self-conscious about peach fuzz then it's something I would recommend as it's done wonders for my self-confidence and my skin feels incredibly smooth too. 


Before I discovered the world of facial waxing. I used to bleach my moustache and it's something that if you're not interested in the pain or price of waxing it's a great option to try. You can find facial bleaching hair cream in so many stores and price points so whatever your budget you're bound to find something suitable. If you're dark-haired I've found the key is to leave it on for the maximum time allowed so the hair becomes incredibly fair. As from experience, a yellow moustache looks even worse. Hair removal cream is also something that I've tried but not had amazing results with. It has removed the hair but it's not all that kind to the skin. So if you've got a delicate and sensitive complexion this isn't something I would advise at all. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic!

R x

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