Creating An Awesome Workspace On A Budget


My workspace is without a doubt my favourite part of my room, apart from my bed [of course]. When I decided I wanted to add a desk back into my environment I was working on a tiny budget but I don't think that should stop you from creating an awesome workspace for yourself. So here is my little guide to creating said space when you don't have a huge amount of money or room. 


As much as I might pine for a desk from West Elm my budget won't ever allow for such an investment so places like IKEA, Argos and Homebase are my go to when I need to pick up something new. Desks can be quite bulky pieces of furniture and when you haven't got a huge amount of room to play with it can be difficult to find something that can fit in the space and not completely swamp everything surrounding it. IKEA is the perfect place to find something small and I went for the Micke desk, not only does it have an awesome amount of surface area it has a drawer too. 

Picking a chair can be a little more difficult. I'm not sure I've ever seen an office chair out there that isn't obnoxiously big. Although it's not the best option for your spine and posture the best section I've found to shop in is the dining chair department. You can find some awesome options that aren't too expensive and they are more likely to fit into a small space with ease. To make them a little more spine friendly adding cushions and blankets is a huge help too. 

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I've always had to decorate on a budget so I've become well accustomed to the process of upscaling things. Even though I loved my £39 IKEA desk by adding a £7 piece of marble contact paper over the top I think it totally transformed the whole aesthetic of the piece. You can update a space in so many ways, either by painting or adding a piece of vinyl paper. There are a ton of idea's available on the likes of Pinterest. Upscaling is particulary awesome if you're trying to make use out of an old piece of furniture too. 


Many people prefer to keep their desks clean and clear of clutter, but I love adding a personal touch to mine. When you're sat at something for numerous hours it's important to make it a place that you love. Awesome desk additions can include:

  • Notepads
  • Pens 
  • Calendars 
  • Personal Trinkets
  • Photographs
  • Lamp
  • Plants
  • Candles
  • Prints 
  • Books

Do you have any tips for creating a workspace on a budget?

R x

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