Doe Eyed

My signature makeup look is big Bambi eyes, dewy skin and soft lips and today I'm going to be creating just that but with a twist. I'm going to be using the Charlotte Tilbury Ingénue set*, a makeup look revolving around the beauty philosophy of keeping it simple. There are 9 other classic looks from the brand, but the aesthetic of the Ingénue incorporates my favourite makeup elements which are also favoured by the likes of Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth. So, here is my take on the Ingénue:  


The Ingénue is all about creating a dewy fresh-faced base with a natural flush of colour on the cheeks. Keep the skin simple by using your lightweight base of choice that enhances your skin instead of making it away with heavy layers of foundation. For cheeks, the Cheek to Chic blusher in Love Glow* has that perfect mix of pinks to create a healthy glow on the skin without being too overpowering.  It helps the complexion look fresh and healthy without the need of obnoxious glitter or shimmer. 


When creating the doe eyed look the key is to make the eyes look big and bright without the use of a stark white pencil. The Colour Chameleon Pencil in Champagne Diamonds* helps to bring out any eye colour and add a little bit of sparkle to the lid. It's incredibly easy to use, you simply swipe it all over the lid and use a fluffy brush to blend out and into the crease. If you wanted an extra added pop of light then dab it into the inner corner as it's a fool proof inner corner highlight. 


The words soft and statement aren't two words that you hear in the same sentence very often. I'm a big fan of creating a lip look that is gentle but is still a key part of my makeup and here are 3 easy steps to achieve that:

  1. LINE: The Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pink Venus* is the perfect way to cheat your way to a fuller looking lip line in a completely natural way.
  2. COLOUR: You can skip this part if you're happy going for a more natural lip option but the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Coachella Coral* helps to add a pop of colour without being a heavy formulation. You can either dab into the lips for more of a stain or built it up into an opaque finish. 
  3. GLOSS: If you've just used a liner to create fuller shape going over the top with a gloss is a great way to add a little more to the lip area whilst still keeping it simple. The Lip Lustre Lip Lacquer, Portobello Girl* creates an optical illusion of a perfected pout with a creamy wash of colour. 

What is your favourite look from Charlotte Tilbury? #whocouldyoube?

R x

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