Dressing For When You're Bloated #2


Little did I know one of the most searched things that land people on this blog is a query of dressing for when you’re bloated, a post I wrote a couple of years ago and never gave much thought to doing a follow-up. But, as there isn’t a day go by that I’m not nursing a painfully bloated stomach I’ve had to learn to dress for it. And in all honesty, it’s all too tempting to just wear sweatpants but not all occasions are sweatpant friendly so this is what I reach for in those instances…

my wardrobe staples

  • Leggings: Whilst I’m all too aware there are some serious legging haters in the world I can’t deny how much more comfortable they are in comparison to jeans when you’re nursing a watermelon-sized stomach. They're easy to throw on and a serious staple in my wardrobe as not only are they great for when I’m bloated but also the best thing to walk the dogs in. My favourites are undoubtedly the Lululemon align pants, they are crazy expensive but they’re as soft as butter.

  • Smock dresses: When the warmer months roll around you’ll find me wearing a smock dress of some sort around 90% of the time. Not a style I used to love at all but now I can’t get enough of them and they’re what I feel the most confident in. They had a bloated tummy instantly and are comfortable and breathable too even in the warmest of weather.

  • Oversized jumpers: It’s been years since I’ve opted for a tight jumper and prefer things that are slightly oversized. Mostly because they go with leggings so well but in the cooler months they’re so snug and warm that they’re irresistible.

  • Non underwired bra: I ditched my underwired bras a long time ago and now I opt for soft t-shirt styles or something a little more delicate like a bralette which are my absolute favourites. I can’t even begin to explain the difference that these bras make when you’re bloated and really who loves wearing an underwired bra?

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do you have any go to outfits when you’re feeling bloated?