Dynamic Beauty Duos

Finding beauty products that work beautifully together is such a wonderful feeling. I'm forever trying my favourite products in combination with something new and here is the latest roundup of my most loved dynamic beauty duos. 

CLARINS OMBRE EYESHADOW* + TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BONS BONS PALETTE*: Often the combination of multiple powder shadows can look heavy and make the eye look a little flat. So something that's cream based can really set off any eye look. I've been using the Clarins Ombre Eyeshadow in Silver Taupe and the shade Almond Truffle from the Too Faced palette. To create a cool-toned champagne eye with a hint of purple smoke through the crease. I'm not a big fan of anything too complex for a day time look but these two in combination creates a beautiful look. The colour palette makes green eyes really pop too which is something I'm always after in my eyeshadow choice. 

LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER*CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION: When I first tried the Laura Mercier foundation primer I felt pretty underwhelmed. It didn't do anything remarkable to my skin but it did keep my makeup looking fresh throughout the day. In combination with my beloved Clinique Even Better Foundation the two together create a beautiful base. The freshness of the LM in combination with the long lasting and flawless properties of the foundation forms a stunning look that stays looking that way through the day. The primer isn't the best for helping your makeup stay put all day but if you struggle with your skin looking lacklustre and tired then it's a lovely option. And it feels incredibly fresh and cooling on the complexion which is ideal in the summer months. 

JO MALONE BLACKBERRY & BAY + CHLOE DE ROSES*: Mixing perfume isn't something I tend to do all that often as I like to enjoy fragrances in their entirety. However Jo Malone scents, in particular, are known for how well they layer with not only other scents from the brand but other perfumes too. It was by accident that I discovered how delicious the combination of two of my all time favourite scents smelt together. The freshness of the rose and the tang of the blackberries creates such a beautiful scent. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE + MAC NAKED LUNCH EYESHADOW: For a truly stunning champagne eye that isn't too pink or too cool-toned the combination of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the cult MAC shade Naked Lunch is just what you need. Often champagne eyeshadows can lean a little too pink or peach for my liking but these two create a shade that sits perfectly in the middle of the spectrum. Of course, not only are they truly stunning together but they create a long-lasting shadow that really adheres to the lid so it doesn't slip and slide around, even in the sticky summer months. 

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSH IN EXPOSED + MAC SOFT & GENTLE: When using such a stunning shimmery cheek product like MAC's Soft & Gentle using a blush like's Tarte's Exposed creates the perfect sculpted and highlighted look. Exposed is dusky pink that has a strong brown undertone to it so as well as adding a small flush of colour it also sculpts the face in an incredibly subtle way. MAC Soft & Gentle when swept along the cheekbones and any other high points of the face brings so much light and luminosity to the area that it makes you instantly look incredibly healthy.  

What are your favourite beauty product combinations?

R x

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