Everything I Won't Be Buying This Year - The Anti-Haul 2018


It's been a good while since I've written an anti-haul. These posts were incredibly popular last year and in a world where luxury hauls are now completely normal, they are always such a breath of fresh air. I've seen saving up the things that I won't be buying and boy, are there quite a few! Of course, these posts are just for fun and not to make anybody feel bad about what they love, different strokes for different folks and all that. 


90's sunglasses

I don't think I've seen a trend be so popular in the eyewear world since those Dior sunglasses that everybody went crazy for. You can't scroll through IG without seeing at least one person having these perched on the end of their nose and they're just not for me. Growing up in the 90's & 00's meant I saw these types of sunglasses the first time around and hated them then and still can't get on board with them all these years later. Every time I look at them I can't help but think of The Matrix and also then go onto to think how much protection do they really give the eye? Sunglasses now seem much more a fashion statement and accessory rather than to actually do their job.


straw bags

A trend that I really, really love but the reason why the straw bag has made it into my anti-haul is that I just cannot bring myself to buy a bag that I can only realistically use a couple of months out of the year. When I took a good look at my spending habits something I really tried to stop was buying wardrobe pieces that would only be good for a season and sadly a straw bag is one of them. And it pains me seeing them absolutely everywhere as I know they'd be so nice with midi dresses but alas, I will stay away from them. Or try my best...


bardot dress

This is another trend that I want to absolutely love but I just can't wear Bardot dresses. I've tried but my body type just isn't right for them at all, they make my upper body look weird and long and let's not even talk about what they do to my boobs. I also constantly wonder how anybody manages to use their arms when wearing a Bardot dress or top. Seriously girls, how do you do it? 


dad trainers

This is probably one of strangest trends I've seen come up. Designers aren't generally my thing so I don't pay that much attention to them but when I saw these trainers pop up I couldn't believe my eyes. 5 years ago, if someone wore these and if you wore these to school when you were a teenager you had better believe you would get some absolutely obscene comments thrown your way. But now they've got a label brandished on them they're super popular and a coveted item by many. I have to wonder if they said Dunlop or Lonsdale would they be so popular? I think not... 



Another trend that I want to wear and love but there is something about a jumpsuit that I can't just get on board with for one reason. The dilemma of when you need the toilet and you have to get completely naked to wee. As someone who walks her dogs every single day, I'm not ashamed to admit that sometimes I get caught short and have to wee in a bush somewhere so a jumpsuit is definitely not something that I do that with. If they had poppers on the crotch I would run out and buy one straight away as I think they look absolutely beautiful.


combat trousers

Judging by this post I think we can all agree that the 90's are back in a big way and have been for a while. Camo not only reminds me of the 90's but it also reminds me being 16 when my scene kid stage was in full swing and everyone had a camo t-shirt or hoodie at some point. And I've seen other people wear these types of trousers and they can look awesome but not something that I can ever see myself wearing.


What won't you be buying this season?

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