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When you include a flower in the name of your blog and have many tattooed on your body it's probably a safe bet that you really love that flower. Not only do I think roses are beautiful to look at, but they produce such a dreamy scent although easy to get wrong in beauty products. Today I wanted to share my favourite rose shades and scents and none of them are akin to a 90-year-old, unless that is your thing. 


CHLOÉ DE ROSES*: The original Chloé is one of my all time favourite scents, it's so distinguishable without being overpowering. It's a classic musky fragrance but the rose twist it makes it a little fresher. Sometimes perfumes that contain rose can be quite sickly or too mature but this gets the combination just right. As always with Chloé fragrances they last all day so if you struggle with your scents sticking around then this might be a great option for you. 

OSKIA ROSE MASSAGE CANDLE*: A well known brand for skincare but not somewhere I would think to pick up a candle from. Of course, being the awesome skincare brand they are they've formulated something with some skin benefits in. When this candle melts down you can pour out the wax [carefully, of course] and use it a massage oil. It's a very lovely classic rose scent and whether you use it is as a beauty product or just a candle it fills the room with a divine smell. 

LA MONTAÑA ROSE CANDLE*: This is a classic rose scent but with a twist. A mix of rose, warm geranium, orange blossom, lavender and chamomile. Personally I find this candle a more masculine take on your traditional rose offering which makes it a great for a household with men in as it's not too sickly sweet. I'm new to the La Montaña brand but so far I'm impressed, their candles kick off a powerful scent even when not lit. 


JURLIQUE ROSEWATER MIST*: I've used countless bottles of this hydrating toner. Although some might say it's just rose infused water I find it to be great at keeping my skin balanced and complexion looking clear and fresh. As I'm a big fan of acidic toners it's important to follow up with something hydrating to balance out the skin otherwise it can become dry and tight 

DIOR CREME DE ROSE: A complete splurge item but such a beautiful one. It's a lip balm that actually does its job and works hard to hydrate, plumps and smoothes out the lips and it contains an SPF which is very important when out in the sun. The consistency of the balm is glossy but it's not too overpowering and it adds a pretty sheen to the lips and the milky white pink tint is undetectable once applied.   

UNA BRENNAN ROSE MOISTURE MASK: Typically I prefer a moisturising mask that I can apply over night but this mask from Una Brennan is a great quick fix. You only need to apply it for 10 minutes to feel and see a difference and the rose scent makes it feel like such a luxe experience. Not only is it a dream for dehydrated or dry skin but it's perfect for calming down a red and angry complexion. The entire Una Brennan line is much more affordable than a lot of skincare brands but it performs just as well. 

JURLIQUE ROSE HANDCREAM*:  Jurlique as a brand often use rose in their ingredients which is something I love and this hand cream is no exception. It makes the hands silky smooth but never feeling too heavy and sticky so is safe to use throughout the day but it doesn't scrimp on the hydration. It locks in the moisture and is great at sorting out dry cuticles and keeping hands young. 


FRESH SUGAR LIPBALM IN ROSE: We all know how much I love the Fresh balms, personally I think they are some of the best on the market. The shade rose is what I reach for when I want to go for a pink based red without going for a full blown lipstick. It adds such a pretty sheen to the lips whilst still being minimal effort throughout the day and wearing evenly. You can totally wear these balms in a more sheer nature or build them up to an opaque finish but whichever way you wear it, it's still incredibly kind to the lips. 

RELVON NAIL POLISH IN TEAK ROSE: This is by far the most traditional rose shade in my nail polish collection. It's unlike anything else I own in terms of the colour and is something that attracts a lot of compliments. The Revlon formula is awesome as it's opaque in one swipe but the brush is a little fiddly so it takes a little longer in terms of application. 

H&M NAIL POLISH IN ROSE UMBER: The H&M beauty line has taken the blogging world by storm and I've dipped my toe in with a nail polish. It's got a great formula, brush and the packaging is beyond adorable. The shade Rose Umber is a great pink shade, it looks chic on the nails whilst still making some what of a statement. Whether it be summer or winter I think you can slick on this beautiful colour. 

What are your favourite rose products

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