Faffy Beauty Products That Are Totally Worth The Effort

Any type of beauty routine is laborious and time-consuming but we do it because we love it and it brings us happiness right? But there are some beauty products that even us bonafide beauty lovers have to admit are very time consuming and a total faff but there are a select few that I think are total worth the hassle. So if extending your already probably lengthy routine is something you want to do then keep on reading.


My love affair with oil began with my hair when I was trying to rescue it from a dry and damaged platinum blonde mess and I slathered it on my ends like there was no tomorrow. And ever since that point, I've worked oils into my routine in various ways and absolutely fallen in love with it's slick. So whether I'm using them through the ends of my hair to keep it looking silky smooth or on my face to keep it looking plump and exuding radiance they're a staple part of my beauty routine. And the area where I really love to use oils is my body. I've used a few on and off for years in the Summer as they give me that glistening lit from within look even when I haven't been to some from away land. Lately, I've been using one to shave and in the bath to really give my skin a boost of nourishment, the L'Ocitanne Almond Shower Oil* is a very luxe product without a doubt but it's the easiest way to work an oil into your routine without turning into a slippery seal after use. And if you really want to reap the benefits of using an oil on your body as a moisturiser then I highly recommend using a dry formulation as they typically absorb into the skin quicker.


Hair masks are something that I've only ever turned to when my hair's in dire need. And at that point, it's always been too late because as much as beauty brands might like swing false claims our way about things being able to repair hair there is nothing that actually will. But to keep on top of any dryness and frizz I love to slather my ends in a hair mask and the best way I've found to use them is when you can apply them pre-shampoo. Anything that requires you to leave it on wet hair for up to 30 minutes isn't something I have time for. So if you want to keep your tresses in check then pop something rich and buttery on dry hair. Leave it on for as long as you feel necessary [I often do this in the morning, tie my hair up into a bun and leave it all day or night] and then give your hair a double wash to make sure everything is gone. And voila you're left with a silky smooth barnet but you've not had to dither in the shower waiting for it to work.


Whilst hair masks are an obvious extra faff product the most obvious mask that we know and most of us love are face masks. They used to be reserved for a fun sleepover treat but for me, they're an integral part of my skincare routine but I'm wary of how much I consider them a necessity for everyone. It totally depends on your skin type as if you have a pretty normal complexion, don't struggle with congestion or breakouts and brightness is something you can take or leave. Then a mask probably isn't going to be for you and in general I use masks as a treatment which makes them worth the 10-20 minutes it typically takes them to work their magic. I save my face mask applying for in the evening when I want some time to myself and my skin is looking a little lacklustre and in need of a helping hand. You can always slather one on in those weird little pockets of time you have like you need to the hoovering? Pop on a mask and you get a skin treat as well as a sparkling clean floor. 


My cuticles are a terrible mess and I'm generally a little embarrassed to share how much of a state they end up in. Giving yourself a nice manicure is something that a lot of people leave up to someone else which I totally understand as it's a lengthy task if you're doing all the steps. When you just want to slick on your favourite shade it can be so easy to push cuticle care to the side and if you don't struggle with ratty overgrown and generally gross cuticles then I'm incredibly jealous. But if you do then even just a quick slick of oil on them makes a huge difference to how your manicure behaves, for me, my polish not only looks better but it stays on my nails for longer too. I also find that when I take better care of my cuticles I'm less likely to tear at the skin on the side of my nails which I know that from previous bad habit beauty posts is something that I'm not alone with. 


I'm a firm believer that you're either a loyal scrubber or you're not. I am and I probably always will be because I want baby soft limbs and I know a quick scrub helps me achieve that way easier than slathering on multiple lotions. Especially if you're someone who struggles with dry flakes of skin then exfoliation is key as well as of course if you're a faux tanner then you don't want anything hanging around for colour to cling on to. You don't have to invest in pricey body products to do this either, you can use a pair of gloves [which are an initial investment yes] but they make it so much easier or maybe dry body brushing could be more your thing. You can even DIY your own body scrub with things you might already have in your kitchen cupboards. 


Whenever I read about people's beauty faux pas they always talk about how they never bother to moisturise their body. For the most part, we are all pretty militant about making sure our complexion is slick so we can exude radiance. But why do let our bodies fall so far behind? Well, actually I do know why especially in the Winter months spending as little time as you possibly can naked is advisable unless you want to freeze to death or pay an extortionate heating bill. As to slather your entire body in a deliciously scented butter then you probably need to be in the nude which requires being cold and no-one wants that. And I can't stand wandering around dithering in the bathroom but having silky smooth limbs afterwards makes those few painful minutes worth it. Whenever I'm in a good groove with moisturising I always notice that my body just generally looks better, I look smoother and healthier and of course with the warmer months on the horizon that's something that we all probably want.

What faffy beauty steps do you think are worth it?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty