Festive Decor For People Who Aren't Festive

Unlike the rest of the blogging world, I'm not fanatical about Christmas. As a child, it was my favourite day but now as an adult I understand the stresses that come with the season. That being said I do rather enjoy the decor that it brings but not so much the tinsel and neon lights so here is my guide to festive decor for the people who aren't very festive. 


Personally I prefer wreathes over Christmas trees which is controversial I know but I just love how subtle yet beautiful they are. I picked mine up from IKEA and even though its fake I still think it looks awesome. You can really dress them up or keep them super simple, it's a completely personal choice. Of course, if you purchase a real wreath you can expect a seriously dreamy scent to go alongside it too. 


Candles aren't something that are strictly for the cooler seasons in my life, I burn them all year round. However, when the festive season does come around it's the perfect time to bring out those deep woody scents and if like me you don't have a real tree then pine scents are the way to go. I've been loving the Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Candle* and the Neom Perfect Peace Candle*. The JM option is a little more fresh and crisp with the addition of the eucalyptus and the Neom offers a more traditional Christmas scent with hints of cinnamon. 


My pinecone garland is the best thing that I've ever made. It was incredibly simple and here is how I did it: 

  • Purchased pinecone tree decorations.
  • Measured out a thick piece of string. 
  • Worked out an equal distance between each pinecone on the string and tie them on. 
  • And voila, you're done. 


Lighting can completely change the way that a space feels and as cliche as they are fairy lights are awesome in A/W. I like to use string lights personally as they much easier to display around the house and are mostly battery operated so don't require a plug socket. You can get super creative with the way that you add light to your space as there are ton of idea's on Pinterest but a personal favourite is popping them in Kilner jars. 


White bedding is my jam all year round but in the A/W I always switch over to my festive bedding from Primark. The set I have is a couple of years old but they release something similar every year. I love how simple this set is whilst still having that strong white element and brushed cotton is an absolute delight in the colder months even though it makes peeling yourself out of the sheets even more difficult in the morning. 

What are your favourite way to add festive touches to your home?

R x

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