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We can all probably safely say that sometimes we like to look really, really flawless. But that doesn't mean we always have the time to sit and buff and blend for hours on end till we look perfected. Personally, I'm a lazy girl when it comes to beauty a lot of time and whilst applying my favourite products brings me a lot of joy it doesn't mean I always have the hours in the day to apply them all. So I love to reach for the products that give me my desired effect with minimum effort and here are some of the best. 


The original glow tonic is a staple part of my beauty routine so when the brand released the Glow Peel pads I was intrigued. They're a much higher percentage of glycolic acid which is a skincare ingredient that my complexion absolutely loves and it helps to keep it looking clear and radiant as well as helping diminish the appearance of scarring. When wiped over the skin you can feel the pads getting to work and they're one of those instant gratification products as the complexion is instantly lifted and brightened. I always chop the pads into two so you can get more than one use out of one pad which is a more cost effective way of using pads like these. As always when using glycolic acid you have to make sure your skin is protected afterwards by using something with an SPF in it. 



When you're in a pinch you probably don't have the time to be layering on base products so one that can somewhat do it all is a great investment. I firmly believe that you're either a lover of the Clarins Beauty Flash balm or you're not and I'm a big fan of the cult product. It nourishes and feels kind to the skin but still somehow tightens it up a little as well making it look full and plump. Although it's not marketed as a moisturiser I think you can definitely get away with it as one when you need and it feels exactly like a moisturiser upon application. 


I've fallen madly in love with this primer again recently so I just had to give it a mention in this post. It helps to perfect the complexion as it balances out oily areas and hydrates areas that might be a little more on the dry side so it creates the most beautiful canvas for anything you might apply over the top. It also somehow manages to colour correct slightly too so you can wear it alone if you just need a quick skin fix. I always reach for this when I want my skin to look absolutely flawless as it not only creates that dreamy base you want but it really helps extend wear time on foundation too. It does feel a little silicony when applied which isn't something I mind and I don't find it to really mess with my skin when wearing it multiple days in a row like the Benefit Porefessional does. 


Some might say that applying your base with your hands is a real time saver but for me, it's always a messy process which would take so much more time than if I'd used a brush. There are numerous Zoeva brushes that can give you a flawless base within a few seconds but probably my favourite is the Buffer Brush. The flat top might not seem like the best option for getting into the contours of the face but it morphs itself around them perfectly. As always with Zoeva brushes they don't suck up all the product so they're not a nightmare to wash and they're not making you use more product than you need to. 


Even though this foundation doesn't come with a pump with is usually a strict no-no when it comes to a quick fix product the way it seamlessly melts into the skin makes it perfect. Like the name suggests it's balancing foundation so like the Clarins primer it works beautifully with combination skin types as it adjusts itself whether you're struggling with more dry or oily patches or both. The formula of this base is lovely, it's a little thicker than your standard liquid foundation but it blends within seconds especially when in combination with the Zoeva Buffer Brush and it never slips or slides around either, it just stays put even without a powder.  



Baked blushes are beautiful anyway but they're perfect when you don't have a lot of time. They're effortless to apply and make forgoing highlighter so easy as they add light and radiance to the cheek. And even though blushers that contain any shimmer or glitter can accentuate the pores and uneven skin tone these just seem to glide over any areas like that. I absolutely love the Hourglass blushes but they very pricey and an excellent dupe for them are the Maxfactor Creme Puff blushers which are almost identical in not only their formula but colour range too. 


As someone who is pretty terrible at doing their brows, I need something that can pretty much do all the hard work for me. A brow pencil with a spoolie on the end might be perfect for some but like I said I'm cack-handed when it comes to brows. So the S&G Archery Brow Putty is ideal as it works just like a powder but it comes in this nifty little pen form with an angled brush on one end and the product on the other. It saves you from carrying around multiple products and is so easy to use and the shade range is great! 


I'm someone that really likes having a manicure to make them feel awesome and it's such a little thing but it makes a big difference to me. For whatever reason, you might need to slick on your favourite shade at the last minute and obviously don't have the time for them to dry. A good quick dry top coat isn't always the easiest thing to find and the cult favourite Seche Vite is a nightmare for shrinking your polishes. I've found that Elegant Touch, Nails Inc and Nails HQ aren't always the most obvious options but they work beautifully. They keep your polish looking glossy, don't shrink the colour down or make them chip ridiculously easy as well of course as drying them quickly. 

What are your favourite flawless fast beauty options?

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