For The Fine Haired Girls Who Want Volume

Whilst I might dream for thick luscious locks. My tresses are far from that. I've got incredibly fine hair but just a lot of it. So I really struggle to achieve volume in it and keep it looking big and bouncy. My hair loves falling flat and out of style. But there are a few products that can not only give the illusion of thick hair but keep it looking that way. 


MARIA NILA PURE VOLUME RANGE*: This set from Swedish hair care brand Maria Nila is great for achieving a lot of lift at the root. Often with volumising products they can make your hair feel incredibly heavy and weigh it down. Whilst I like a lot of volume in my hair. I also need something that will help keep my hair feeling as fresh as possible as my washing schedule is so minimal. These products are safe for coloured hair and are free from parabens and sulphates if those are things that you don't get along with. 

OGX BIOTIN & COLLAGEN RANGE*: Sometimes my hair can feel even finer and pretty limp and lifeless. This rather new duo to my hair menu have been helping my tresses feel a lot thicker. These aren't shampoo and conditioners that make your hair feel too heavy or full of product. Your tresses will still feel soft and bouncy as they're packed full of nourishment. If you wash your hair on a more regular basis I can imagine your hair might start to feel weighed down after really frequent use. But this can all be avoided with a cleansing shampoo once a week or so. 


JO HANSFORD VOLUME SPRAY*:Often volumising sprays can make your hair feel sticky and tacky. This one from Jo Hansford is one of the best I've ever used. It feels weightless and completely undetectable in the hair which is rare to find in something that offers so much volume. Not only at the roots but in the lengths too. It also doubles up as a heat protectant so you don't have to use multiple products. Which can often lead to weighed down tresses. 

GHD VOLUMISING FOAM*: Mousse has come a long way from the days that once you put it into your hair it automatically made your hands stick to your scalp. It's still somewhat detectable in the hair but it's not at all heavy and feels incredibly light once massaged into the roots. Whenever I use mousse I always find that my hair holds it's volume for a good few days. Over something like a spray that might provide volume for a short while only. 

BUMBE AND BUMBLE THICKENING SPRAY: This is a special occasion type of product.  It delivers so much volume and lift in the hair but it's something you can feel and it does make the hair feel slightly tacky. Which isn't ideal when you don't like to wash your hair often. But if it's a one-time thing then it's perfect. It's a shame it does make the hair feel tacky because it's such a beautiful product for delivering a lot of volume. 


BUMBLE AND BUMBLE THICKENING CREME CONTOUR: Products like this were never something I'd usually go for. I hate directly rubbing creme into dry hair in fear of making it greasy. But with a small amount of this product from Bumble and Bumble, you can really add a lot of bounce to the roots. As well as helping define any style you've put into your hair. The key is to work with a small amount and work in sections. 

CHARLES WORTHINGTON VOLUME & BOUNCE SPRAY: Typically sprays like this are incredibly expensive. Luckily over recent years, the high street have brought out a few budget friendly options. Hairspray is great for holding the hair in style but rarely does it provide volume. This gives the hair that perfect lived-in look but it doesn't make it feel dirty, tacky or greasy. If you've gone a little overboard then you can easily brush it out. 

What are your favourite volumising products?

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