For The Love Of Blush

Out of all the areas of my daily makeup routine blush has always been my favourite to apply. Subsequently it's become my favourite to buy as well. There is just so something so fun about picking up a new blush, it can completely change the way your complexion looks and can do so much for a sad winter complexion. As well as declaring my love for rouge I thought I would round up my top 5 blushes to share with you today. 

STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN LILIUM: If you've been reading the beauty musings of this blog for a long time you will know that this has been a firm favourite of mine. By far the best cream blush formulation on the market and probably the easiest to apply. It adds an instant boost to the skin without being tacky or sticky and is surprisingly long lasting for such a creamy formula. The shade Lilium is perfect for those of us who like to wear pink but like to keep things looking a little more natural than blue toned Barbie. This range from Stila can also be used on the lips if you so wanted, but for me this is a cheek only product. 

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSH IN EXPOSED: My love affair from brown toned pink cheek products began last year when I purchased Nars Douceur, but sadly that has been discontinued so it's a little unfair to discuss it. For a long time, we couldn't get Tarte in the UK so whenever a beauty blogger went over the pond they always came back with an Amazonian Clay compact in tow. There is a good reason why these are so highly sought after, they are just dreamy. For a matte blush, they don't make the skin look chalky and dull, they add a simple natural flush to the skin which is understated but stunning. 

HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH IN MOOD EXPOSURE: If Tarte Exposed and a highlighter decided to make a beauty baby then this would be it. Although I don't believe the Hourglass blushes have the best formulation on the market and these blushes do have a very close dupe I just had to name it as a favourite. The shade alone makes my heart flutter at the mere sight of it, it helps to add so much light and life to my skin without the need for a highlight yet there isn't any obvious addition of glitter. These are a complete luxury blush option, but damn they are dreamy. 

TOPSHOP BLUSH IN DREAM PHONE: Berry blush used to be my thing in the A/W months. The Sleek blush in Pomegranate was a staple in my routine and the shade I chose to wear on my graduation day. I wish Topshop had made the shade Dream Phone a permanent colour in the line as it's an absolutely beautiful wearable berry shade. The formula is lovely for a more budget powder and it applies seamlessly onto the skin and has great lasting powder. If you're a green eyed girl then I would definitely suggest giving a purple toned blush a try as they are incredibly complimentary. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY CHEEK TO CHIC IN LOVE GLOW*: My first foray into the dreamy world of Charlotte Tilbury was with one of her blushes. The shade love glow is a rose without being red or too pink, it just sits perfectly in the middle. In the pan, it looks ever so slightly warm toned which isn't something that I usually go for in my blushes but this wears cool on my skin. The quality is incredible and it packs a punch with pigmentation so you have to make sure you use only a light hand when applying this otherwise you can look a little more Aunt Sally than you might want. 

What are your favourite blushes?

R x

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