A Fresh Way To Banish Scars

Even though my complexion is relatively under control when I do breakout it always leaves behind some sort of scar or mark. So any skin care product that's aimed towards tackling those issues is something that I'm always eager to try. And the latest option on my beauty menu to try has been an American skincare brand Banish. They've created an entire range surrounding the subject of scars and breakouts and here are the results of my time testing a few products from the line and their derma roller. 


Elaborate beauty treatments aren't something I've ever really incorporated into my skincare routine. But if it's something that I can do in the comfort of my home then it's something that I'm always willing to try. Micro-needle or derma rollers were something that I was familiar with but the thought of rolling needles [no matter how tiny] over my skin was terrifying. These rollers are used in dermatology treatments [a much more intense level] as well as being something you can use at home. It's a treatment that's aimed at people with scarring and pigmentation to help diminish their appearance. 


  • Always do your own thorough research and be safe.  
  • Keep the roller in a clean air tight case so no bacteria can get to it
  • Sanitize in boiling water or rubbing alcohol before and after every use.
  • Be gentle with your complexion and never use the roller on any areas of broken skin or active breakouts. 
  • Don't use the roller excessively, once every two weeks is what's is recommended. 
  • Use the roller straight after cleansing.
  • Do not exfoliate after using the roller. 


Before embarking on my trial I did a copious amount of research [from blog posts to scientific studies] on derma rolling and it's something that's been done for years, at home and by dermatologists. And it's a treatment that people have seen remarkable results from but of course like anything skincare related there is always a huge variance of results and opinions which is why doing your own research is so important. 

After having a nasty breakout on my chin [it's always the case when you've been telling people how well behaved your skin is] and it leaving behind a rather sizeable red patch it was the perfect opportunity to try the roller [after the spots were no longer active]. After my first use, I presumed my skin might be sore and irritated but it wasn't at all and I didn't find the process painful in the slightest. It took just over a month to start noticing a difference in the discolouration but now it's really started to lift and you can no longer see where the initial breakout was. The roller in combination with some of the Banish skincare items [I've used little else] has definitely made a difference in my skin with not only helping tackle the fresh mark but in terms of general brightness too. 


THE STARTER CLEANSER*: This cleanser is formulated with some of my favourite ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and tea tree. Which when you're prone to breakouts are all ingredients that can not only feel awesome on the skin but can work incredibly well. This isn't a cleanser that removes makeup but as a second cleanse to treat the skin it's lovely. It feels refreshing on the skin and the witch hazel creates a slight tingle which is something I personally love as it feels like it's really working. 

VITAMIN C BEAUTY ELIXER*: Toners are something that work incredibly well on my skin and this product is no exception. They tend to be a complete marmite item and some people see absolutely no difference from using them. For me, they make my complexion feel fresh and ready for anything else that I apply over the top as well as having their own hydrating benefits. 

THE PUMPKIN ENZYME MASQUE*: Pumpkin enzymes are slowly making their way to the top of my skincare ingredient love list. They're a natural way of chemically exfoliating the skin so if you react badly to things like glycolic acid then this could be a great ingredient to look into. The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is what I can only describe as thick tomato soup in its consistency and scent. However, it's brilliant for brightening the skin and dealing with pesky breakouts. It's one of those instant gratification skincare items as you can instantly see a difference in your skin. 

VITAMIN C CREME*: We're all probably aware that Vitamin C has a large array of benefits and I think it's an awesome ingredient to incorporate into your routine when you're on the quest for a brighter complexion. This creme contains 20% vitamin C and can be used in the AM & PM as it's hydrating enough to comfort dehydrated skin but it's not so nourishing that it's a complete disaster on more oily days. It absorbs quickly but you can still feel the comfort of the hydration which is something I always look for in any moisturiser. 

Would you ever try micro-needling?

R x

- This post is in collaboration with Banish who asked me to share my true experience with their derma roller. Like always please take any skincare content with a pinch of salt as we're all different and I'm not a dermatologist/expert hence why I never would never tell others what to do with their skin and just share my own personal experiences and feelings on products  -

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