The Fuss Free Eyeshadow Lovers Guide

Eyeshadow is a beauty product that I've always been a fan of. But when it comes to crease cutting and winging things out I'm pretty cack-handed. So I like fuss free shadows that require minimum effort and but deliver maximum effect. Here are some of my favourites, everything from powders to creams. 


CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON PENCIL IN CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS*: The shadow sticks from CT are truly stunning. They can be used in so many ways but I love to wear them all over the lid. You don't need to be precise, just simply scribble on and blend out with either your finger or a brush. They add so much more interest and pizazz to any eye look you might be wearing and increases wear time ten fold. They have some serious lasting powder and even at the end of a long day, they're still clinging onto the eye. The formula isn't at all drying, just soft and creamy. 

BAGSY SHADOW STICK*: Champagne eyes are my go to look but if I ever do want to create more of a statement this shadow stick from Bagsy is perfect. It creates a smokey eye look with minimal effort, again you just simply scribble it on. Or another way I like to wear this is smudged along the lash line as a messy liner. It makes creating a dramatic eye look much easier, for shadow novices like myself. It matches up with the Charlotte Tilbury in terms of quality but it's cheaper and they've got a shade very similar to Champagne Diamonds. 


MAC EYESHADOW: MAC eyeshadows are a staple in any beauty lovers makeup collection. There is a reason why these shadows are so popular with beauty lovers and industry professionals. They're great quality, long lasting and not overly expensive for a high-end product. One of my favourite things about MAC is that you can make your own palettes up. Which is perfect when you want more than one shadow choice but don't want to waste money on a palette with a lot of shades that you will never use. 

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH EYESHADOW PALETTE*: I've got the biggest crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley so I was excited to see what her makeup line for M&S would be like. Collaborations like this can either be incredible or really poor in quality. This eyeshadow palette is stunning, the colours that have been included are all wearable alone or in combination with each other. The formulation is buttery and soft. The shimmery shades do have a small amount of fall out but that's to be expected. In combination with a primer the shadows wear evenly all day, even through a good cry at Grey's Anatomy. 

CLARINS OMBRE EYESHADOW*: I can't stop singing the praises of these shadows from Clarins. They're so buttery soft in their formulation and are creamy upon application but settle down to a long lasting powder finish. You can really build up the intensity too which is perfect when you want to make more of a statement. They create an eye look that has more depth than your typical one wash shadow. 


KIKO LOOSE POWDER EYESHADOW*: A loose powder eyeshadow isn't something I would typically reach for. Because let's be real, they're normally a complete faff. I always presumed that a loose eyeshadow wouldn't be something that would stay on the eyelids but this product from Kiko* is surprisingly long lasting. It almost locks down on the skin whilst still feeling light and soft to wear. In combination with a fluffy blending brush, you can still pick up the product and blend it with ease. If you're a lover of a natural barely there eye the shade Bespoke Rose* fits the bill perfectly. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE:  This creates a slightly tacky base so that any shadow or pencil that you apply over the top adheres to the lid and stays put all day. Simply worn alone, or in combination with your favourite shades, it's truly beautiful. It helps to smooth out the lid and counteract any discolouration and veins without being overly obvious. In combination with cheap shadows it not only improves the quality but wear time too. By the looks of it, this exact product isn't available anymore [insert dramatic crying face here] but they've bought out this. 

What are your favourite eyeshadows?

R x

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