Getting & Staying Breakout Free

One of my biggest concerns when it comes to my skincare routine is staying breakout free. After suffering all throughout my early 20's with severe cystic breakouts. It completely knocked my confidence down to nothing. If you've struggled or are still battling breakouts you will know the terrible effect it can have on your self-esteem. We all know there isn't one dedicated cause or cure to becoming breakout free. But there a lot of things to take into consideration that could completely change the way that your skin behaves. 


Knowing your skin and it's characteristics is important. By knowing its typical behaviours when it comes to deciphering what type of breakouts you have and what could possibly be causing them. As I'm pretty sure for the majority of us the option to go to a dermatologist is out of the question. Doing your own research and talking to people in the skincare industry is the way to go. Books like Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest and Lauren Conrad - Beauty. Are the best that I've found for reliable but easy to understand information. Skincare and beauty lingo can become pretty jarring and confusing but these two books break it down. 


The concept of face mapping is something that you either believe in or you don't. I've personally found it to be pretty accurate. Even if you don't stand by it 100% the reasoning behind it is incredibly interesting. For me, my breakouts are always either on my chin or on my forehead which has strong links to your digestive system and hormones. Which are two things that I struggle with so it logically makes sense that I breakout in those two areas the most. 


When you're struggling with breakouts the last thing you probably feel like doing is getting up close and personal with them. However, there is a big difference between struggling with whiteheads or cystic spots. The more you understand them it can help you when it comes to tackling that area. 


Skincare is something that comes secondary to me and my skin. Even though I think it's important to have a routine that works for you. Our lifestyle, diet and contraception choice can all play a large role in the way that our skin behaves. I always go by the rule of if I'm not putting goodness and nutrients into my body Then I cannot expect it to either feel good on the inside or look it's best on the outside. The contraception that we use also plays a huge role in our skin too. Whilst it's an uncomfortable topic to discuss. By talking about it more it could be a real help for others. From personal experience, the contraceptive implant was something that had a really bad effect not only on my skin but on my life in general. 


I think we've all been there when we're facing breakouts. It's all too tempting to pile on the spot fighting promising products. Applying multiple products probably won't do our skin that much good in the long run. Having a minimal but effective routine is something that might not seem all that exciting or like it's that effective in the beginning. But having stability for stressed out and sore complexions can be a big factor to getting breakout free. 


LIZ EARLE CLEANSE & POLISH: Even though this cleanser isn't dedicated to tackling breakouts it's always worked well for me. It's gentle enough for a sore stressed complexion whilst still removing any build up of dirt and grime. The creamy formulation is kind to dry skins as well as keeping more oily skins more balanced. It's a fail-safe product to return my complexion back to its 'normal' state. 

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO [+]: If I could pinpoint one of the products that have made the biggest differences in my complexions it's this. It's a corrective and unclogging serum that can be used alone or underneath a moisturiser. Not only has this helped with the amount of breakouts that I get but it's also helped with the general condition of my skin. Making it smoother and as pores are clearer they appear smaller too. It's a marmite product in the beauty world. For some people, it works wonders and for some people, it's a complete disaster. 

ORIGINS OUT OF TROUBLE MASK: This mask isn't something I've found to be appropriate for those deep set and cystic breakouts. But for whiteheads, it's perfect for taking the sting out of them. It's not something that can be used often as it's quite drying on the complexion. But every once in a while it's a great option for clearing up those pesky small whiteheads. Even though it is slightly drying it has an awesome cooling sensation on the skin. Which when you're suffering from a bad breakout can be a great relief. 

PIXI GLOW TONIC: An exfoliating toner is an integral part of my skincare routine and a key step to keeping my complexion clear. They slough away at dead skin cells and keep the complexion looking fresh. Without the need for an abrasive manual scrub which can break down delicate capillaries. In combination with the LRP Effaclar Duo, my skin has changed so much over the past 3 years and become much more balanced. And I'm a big believer that it's been because I introduced these types of products. 

OSKIA RENNAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: It's probably the pumpkin enzymes that make this cleanser so perfect for breakout prone skin. The gel to oil consistency is nourishing enough to hydrate the skin and keep things look fresh and plump. But it's not so hydrating that your complexion becomes oily and greasy.

TONY MOLY SNAIL GEL MASK: Not quite the product you would expect to be great for tackling breakouts but it is. Maybe it's the elusive snail gel ingredient but breakouts not only heal quickly but they look a lot less aggressive after using one of these sheet masks. Not only are they awesome for helping with breakouts but they also hydrate the skin leaving it plump and healthy. In combination with something deep cleansing, it's a beautiful follow-up. 


Skincare is one of the most personal elements of beauty. Whilst it's all too easy to get caught up in beauty advice whether it be from blogs, websites or magazines. It's important to remember that what works for one person will never work in the exact same way for others. As with any kind of advice, it's vital to take everything with a pinch of salt. It's never a clear-cut guide to what might work for you. 

Do you have any tips for staying breakout free?

R x

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