Growing Your Hair Out 101

After my yearly profile picture update, I received a lot of questions & kind words about my tresses. I've been consciously growing out my hair for a year or so and it's been rather successful if I do say so myself. For years, I've had hair that reached a certain point and just gave up. There a lot of key factors that go alongside growing your locks and here are the ones I've found have helped me go from a bob to my current mermaid length. 


Ever since I started to make the effort to have a better diet the two biggest areas that I've noticed a difference in is my skin and my hair. There are no amount of treatments or products that will do as much good to your exterior as taking care of your interior. Eating junk food as good as it might taste and it is totally ok on occasion. Making it part of your daily diet and getting into unhealthy habits with food will really take a toll on your general wellbeing. 


For years, I was a daily hair washer and never thought I could break that cycle. Turns out with a lot of perseverance you can change your hair washing schedule. I can go a good few days without washing my hair and it's never been better, letting your hair get a little greasy is actually a good thing! 


During my teens, I was addicted to heat tools and my hair paid the price. No matter how many heat defence sprays you use you will never avoid the consequences. As I still like to use my GHD's a couple of times a week I let my hair air dry instead of using a blowdryer. Not only does it save achy arms but it stops your hair from becoming so frazzled. Of course, if you're washing your hair in the AM this isn't really an option so why not try to switch to an evening wash and letting it dry overnight? 


No matter what promises the shampoo and conditioner bottles say nothing can make or hair grow or repair damage. As we all have different hair types and our needs all vary it's all a matter of trial and error. I've never found sulphates to upset my hair or my scalp so I'm happy to use them but for many they can cause problems. I try and go for products that are a little more deep cleaning as I don't wash my hair so often, but I also want something that will nourish the hair as much as possible too. 

Current hair care menu:


Whenever I used to hear this piece of advice in the post I always rolled my eyes, how could cutting your hair shorter help it grow? Of course, it doesn't help it grow but it makes the hair maintain good health by getting rid off all damage and split ends so your hair will look and feel so much better. As a brunette, my hair doesn't have it too tough when it comes to colouring but it's still not that kind so I try to keep them as minimal as possible and always follow up with deep treatments. Having colour treated hair is something that comes with consequences but it's not impossible to keep your hair in great condition as well as doing something a little different with it. 


I'm one of those incredibly annoying people who tend play with their hair. Most days I wear it up so I avoid doing this as constantly touching your tresses only makes them dirtier and can cause unnecessary breakage. It's probably an odd point to bring up but I've found it to be really helpful. As well as limiting how often I touch my hair I only try and brush it a couple of times a day if that. All those myths about brushing your hair 100 times a day before going to bed are of course untrue and only cause damage. My favourite brush to use is a Tangle Teezer* as when I do encounter knots it tackles them with ease instead of just ripping the hair out. 

Do you have any tips for hair growth?

R x

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