The Gym Clothes That Have Lasted The Longest


My collection of gym clothes is something that I take serious pride in and honestly, I sometimes wonder if I was a gym instructor in another life with my love for athletic wear. And finding workout clothes that are not only functional, make you feel awesome but are long-lasting isn’t the easiest thing as so many things can lose shape within just a couple of months which is so frustrating. Over the years I’ve gathered together some awesome gym clothes that have lasted me nearly 5 years of exercise which is pretty damn awesome and these are the things that have been in my collection the longest.



When it comes to sports bras for general workouts I’m not that picky. I don’t have a particularly big chest but when it comes to running I need something that is going to anchor down what I do have as there is nothing worse than running with no support. I picked up this bra when I first started going to the gym as it was the most simple design and also the most reasonable price-wise. Little did I know just how much wear I was going to get out of it. It’s still the one that I turn to now out of everything else in my collection as it’s incredibly comfortable and gives me all the support I need for whatever workout I might be doing. Despite hundreds of washes it’s still maintained its shape and fit and I imagine will stay in my collection for the next few years.


Socks are something that I’ve become oddly particular about and the best I’ve found come from Primark. If I don’t wear socks designed for sports when I run I notice a big difference with how my run goes, they are such a small part of your workout wardrobe but for me, they make a big difference in how I feel when exercising. And socks from popular brands can get seriously expensive but the ones from Primark are affordable and most importantly last too.


It took me quite a while to find leggings that fit well as so many of them are far too long on me and so many of the big brands didn’t work for me at all. And at 5’5 I’m not the shortest girl but still found myself struggling with workout tights being too long and I hate it when they bunch up at the moment. I picked up some from H&M on a whim, and I’m so glad I did as price wise they’re the best in my collection. They’re high waisted, fit my leg length perfectly just skimming the ankle and aren’t see-through. Something else I love is that they’re not super shiny which means you can get away with them for wearing day to day or for hiking too. My pairs are getting ready to be replaced now after close to 5 years of owning them as they have gone a little see-through on the bum but after hundreds of wears, that’s to be expected.



This is the first gym top I bought when I started going to the gym, I wanted something somewhat oversized as I prefer looser tops and tight leggings when I workout as that’s what I find the most comfortable for any type of exercise that I might be doing from running to pilates. In my day to day life, I don’t like anything that shows a lot of my arms or chest but it's my preference for workout tops. This top from Adidas has held its shape incredibly well and never rides up which is my biggest bugbear when it comes to any type of activewear. Grey typically isn’t the type of shade that a lot of people go for when it comes to gym clothing as it shows up sweat pretty easily but I don’t find this one is too bad at all. However, for really sweaty workouts I prefer something with moisture-wicking abilities but I can happily run in this and by the end, I don’t feel like I’ve had a shower.


These trainers were a really big investment for me as at the time they were the most expensive thing I’d ever bought but they completely changed my workouts. I had suffered from terrible shin splints in the past from wearing the wrong type of trainers but these changed the game. As of right now, I could do with replacing the insoles at least to give them a little bit of bounce back but they still provide me so much support and stability when running, not once have I had an injury from them. They’re designed to mimic barefoot running which is the most natural way to run but obviously, that’s not something we can do realistically. They’re incredibly lightweight and that is something I love whilst running as I can’t stand a heavy shoe as it makes me feel weighed down but I always feel light and bouncy when running in these (although not too bouncy as that's not good when running, I try and make sure I'm keeping my head as still as possible). I would say these trainers are more suited to running on a treadmill over really rough terrain as they might wear through quite quickly and they’re not waterproof. I've worn these for over 4 years now, whether that's been for my workouts or day to day running around and they're so incredibly comfortable and I know that when I do eventually need new running shoes I will get the same style as they've done me so well.

where to shop for what


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The best leggings I’ve ever worn but they’re very expensive.


Leggings and long sleeved sports tops.

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what are your favourite workout clothes?

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