Head Over Heels For Highlighter [Again]


A beauty product that had been gathering a little too much dust in my makeup stash was highlighter. There was no big reason to why I hadn't picked it up in a while, I just hadn't fancied it. But something made me pick it up a few weeks ago and I've fallen seriously back in love with those glow givers. So I thought I'd share some tried and tested favourites with you incase you fancy a little bit of an extra glow this summer.



Back in 2014 when I couldn't apply enough illuminating products to my face and walked around looking like a walking talking disco ball. I didn't really care about my base as long as it looked somewhat nice and covered up my blemish scars. But now I'm a lot more particular about how I balance out the glow and here is a little run down of how I keep things in check;

  • Use a soft focus and balancing primer. 
  • Go for a foundation that can provide a natural finish on the skin that provides coverage but still maintains a very skinlike finish. 
  • Pick a matte blush. 


I've not really used a setting spray since my days with Mac Fix+ [still love that stuff]. Something that I've been thoroughly enjoying not only to add more of a glow but to set things into place is this illuminating setting spray from Cover FX*. It's a really beautiful even mist [there is nothing worse than having a direct spritz to the eye, we've all been there]. That feels and looks refreshing on the skin rather than wet because nobody wants to look like they've been sprayed in the face with a bottle of water. It gives the skin that boost of moisture without looking too damp and always makes my colours pop a little more. I spray this on not only when I've just done my makeup but throughout the day too when things are looking a little dull and drab. It would make a great on the go item if you're out all day and find a few hours later your complexion is looking pretty blurgh. And you can even use this on the body too which I will definitely be doing to add a little bit of shine when the sun is shining.



The highlighter that has reigned supreme in my makeup stash for the last 7 years. And if you just completely ignore the fact that I should have maybe thrown this away this point then it's a great testament to how long these products last. Even though I've not reached for highlighter recently there have been stages where I've used this daily and I've barely made a dent in it so I think it will be sticking around until it's truly bad. Of course, I'm talking about the cult classic shade Soft & Gentle [I adore Lightscapade all over the skin as a setting powder] which is used and loved by thousands of people and it's with good reason. It's such a stunning shade, a rosy glow with just the right amount of shimmer running through it and when applied to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and other high points of the skin it really shines and looks effortlessly beautiful. You can either be really minimal with this and it adds a soft glow or really pack it on if you want the skin to pop. I've seen people use it as a blush and an eyeshadow so it's a great multi-use item to have in your collection. And considering the strong shimmer element to this, I never have a problem with it settling in my pores which always the worry when you use something glittery.


A brand that I'm not all too familiar with is Becca, even though we share the same name it's not something that I've ever found myself really gravitating towards despite all it's hype online. Last year I received a little kit from the brand and one of my favourite products alongside their full coverage foundation and primer has been the cream shimmering skin highlighter.  If you know of the Stila Convertible Colours then the formulation is very similar to that with the way it effortlessly glides onto the skin. I have the shade Moonstone which is a beautiful light gold that adds warmth to the skin without being too much as often I find golds can look a little strange on my cool toned complexion but this works perfectly. I use a dabbing motion to apply the product with my finger and then lightly use a blush to blend it in and it adds a beautiful golden sheen with a tiny bit of a shimmer. Surprisingly this is a lot more understated than a powder and it dries down to a really beautiful satin finish on the skin so can be used with more low key looks than full glam.