How To Fake Looking Awake & Healthy

When we're tired or unwell. It instantly shows in our skin. And when you already feel terrible you probably don't want it to showing to the outside world. Faking looking awake and healthy can be pretty doable with the right beauty products in tow. Here is my fail safe beauty rota that helps me fake a healthy glow with ease. 


OSKIA RENAISSANCE GEL CLEANSER*: One of the biggest reasons why this cleanser is so well loved in the beauty community. Is down to the way it brightens the skin with ease. It's jam packed full of pumpkin enzymes which slough away at dead skin cells which prevents skin from looking so dull and sallow. The name is misleading. When pumped out it feels like a jelly which once massaged into the skin turns into an oil. Which is kind and nourishing to the skin. 

CLARINS HYDRAQUENCH TINTED MOISTURISER*: This is the epitome of a classic tinted moisturiser. Even if your skin isn't looking it's best you might not want to have something heavy weighing down your complexion. Even though this is incredibly light weight it still offers coverage that can even out the complexion and hides anything you might not want on show. Or if you want to use it as a base layer underneath another foundation it's a great option as it has some great skin benefits. 

LAURA MERCIER RADIANCE PRIMER*: Whilst this isn't typically the type of primer that I go for. I can't deny the effortless way it adds radiance to the skin. If you fear products making you look like you're a cast member of Twilight then this a great option. The light almost weightless consistency makes it perfect for more natural or matte foundations as it creates a satin finish to the skin. Or even just worn alone to add a healthy glow to the skin. If you like your primers to smooth over your pores and create an even base for your foundation then this might not be for you. But if you struggle with your skin looking flat and lifeless throughout the day then this is a great product. 

TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER: Personally, I don't think there is much difference between hungover, tired or unwell when it comes to the state of your complexion. Whatever the case might be. You want to make your skin look as plump and healthy as possible. And this is exactly what this primer does. It makes the complexion look fresh and healthy. As it contains a ton of skin boosting ingredients like coconut water and probiotics. In comparison to the Laura Mercier primer, this is more of a cream. Whilst that is like a gel. Out of the two, I prefer this popular product from Too Faced. Whilst it's not amazing for keeping your base put all day it's the way that it keeping your foundation looking that is so wonderful.  


CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON PENCIL IN CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS*: Making your eye area as bright as possible might not seem like the most obvious answer to looking awake and healthy. But it's something that works wonders. Either placed in the inner corner as a highlight or scribbled all over the lid as a shadow. These pencils from Charlotte Tilbury are completely foolproof to use and last all day with minimal creasing. They're perfect when used with other shadows that might not have the best longevity either. 

STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR BLUSH: Powder products are great for longevity but often then drag down the complexion and sometimes can be a little ageing. Cream products are awesome at adding life and radiance to the skin without the need for shimmery and glittery products. This cult classic from Stila adds almost a glossy look to the cheek. Which is a covetable aesthetic when you're skin isn't looking as plump and healthy as you might want. Even though it's so radiant, it still lasts well on the skin. If want it to get it lasting even longer. Setting it down with either a translucent powder or powder blush can increase wear time by hours. 

MAC SOFT & GENTLE: A highlighter of some sort is a fail safe option for making the complexion glow. With a light hand and a delicate brush. MAC Soft & Gentle can be applied to the tops of cheeks, brow bone and bridge of the nose to give that beautiful effortless glow. This does contain shimmer/glitter so it can be easy to be a little overzealous with the application. And once sunlight hits the skin look a little too highlighted [if there is such a thing]. 

What are your favourite products for faking a glow?

R x

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