Bedroom Decorating Ideas On How To Sleep Well This Summer & All Year Round


- this post is in collaberation with House of Fraser -

There are plenty of things that make summer one of the best seasons in the UK. The sun hitting your skin, everything in full bloom, the long evenings, everyone being just a smidgen happier and the hope of not needing to take a jacket with you, you know, just incase. However, there is one thing about a British summer that is far from enjoyable and that is trying to get a good night's sleep. There is nothing worse than trying to settle down and relax in bed when it's too warm in your bedroom. During the last few weeks, with the help of the House of Fraser homeware collection, tThe last few weeks I've pulled out all the stops to try and make our bedroom feel like the haven it usually is in order to and make sure I can be as rested as possible even when it's +25℃.  degrees + as well as making our bedroom feel like the haven it usually is.






The idea of a summer and winter duvet set might sound like a little bit of a faff as you need to store them appropriately when they're not in use but for climates like this, they're incredibly useful. We recently switched out our quilt for an all-season option and the way it's put together is utter genius. When the UK isn't in the midst of a heatwave and we have a typical "British" summer I can get away with a 12 tog all year round but for the current climate, you most definitely need something cooler to sleep well. Our new duvet comes from House of Fraser and it comes in two parts, which is the clever bit. A 3 tog for the summer and then a 9 tog for autumn or winter incase you don't like to get too warm. Each duvet clips together which means you can get the full amount of warmth in the cooler months and then choose which works for you in the warmer weeks. A 3 tog is all that we've needed at the moment as even when the temperatures are in the high 20's I still cannot bear to be without a quilt. And a good quality duvet is one of those things that you'll only have to buy once and it will see you through many, many years.









During the cooler months, I'm all about making our bedroom as warm and cosy as possible. So things like faux fur throws and flannelette sheets are my usual go to but in summer I gravitate towards lighter options and those faux fur options are certainly tucked away. Having lighter sheets and throws not only make the room feel fresher but the cotton helps keep things airy too. A blush pink bedding set is the perfect nod to the warmer weather and incorporating a little bit of colour into our otherwise stark white bedroom has been a welcome change. I typically love all white sheets [there are still some in my bedding stash don't worry] so never want to go for anything too dark as I still want our room to feel as airy as possible without feeling too impersonal. Having a bed set up that not only looks inviting but feels good too is so important, we spend so much time in bed that it might as well feel and look as good as it can.










Living with two glorious dogs means that I have to be practical with my bedding choices. Having light colours is wonderful until they decide to hop onto the bed with muddy paws or decide to wipe their face all over the quilt after their breakfast. So this is where the pretty yet practical element comes into play in our bedroom. Thankfully with the recent heatwave, there has been a distinct lack of muddy paws but there has been a lot of dust. To protect our light bedding we've added a throw into our duvet mix and it's been the perfect addition to our bedroom. A beautiful mustard option with a sweet pattern that is reversible not only keeps the bedding underneath safe but makes the perfect statement. I love keeping with muted but practical colour palette as it adds a little pizazz to our room without being overwhelming and we can mix it and match it to all of our bedding sets too.


Just a few simple to-do's to help keep things fresh so hopefully you can sleep better…

●            In the morning allow your bedding to air out a little before making it.

●            And then when you do make the bed keep a corner folded down to allow a little ventilation.

●            Keep air circulating around the room before it gets too stuffy and hot.

●            If you have a blind keep it shut during the day so the day sun can't get in.

●            Stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton instead of jersey or flannelette.

●            Use an aroma diffuser to add some moisture back into the air on really dry days.

●            Around an hour before you go to bed pull back the sheets and remove all throws to allow air to get to the sheets.

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