How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

If there is one thing that we can all do in life. It's be our own best friend. That way you can always rely on yourself to be there when you need a pick me up. However, I think it's all too easy to be your own worst enemy and stand in your own way. So today I wanted to discuss the importance of getting out of your own way and being a little kinder to yourself. 


Trusting your own choice is often scary when we're filled with the ideals of others. And they make us feel like their choices are so much superior to ours. Whilst we can always take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others it's never wise to let them cloud your judgement. Whether you, believe it or not, we're all capable of making good decisions. Only we truly know ourselves so we're the only ones who can make those tough choices to the best of our ability. 


Would you ever say to somebody else that they're an awful person and didn't deserve anything good that came their way? No probably not so why would you say it to yourself? We all beat ourselves far too much and put ourselves down when that's the last thing we should do. We need to be on our own team. So the next time that you think something about negative about what you're doing or what you've achieved. Why not think 'would I say this to someone else?'. If the answer is no then it shouldn't be something you tell yourself either. 


To some people just getting up and showing up for the day is a huge achievement. Just because you've not run a marathon or cured the common cold doesn't mean you can't be proud of yourself. Everyone deserves to be proud of what they've done that day. Putting dedication and hard work into anything is how success should be measured. 


When you're not a confrontational person it can be terrifying to stand up for yourself. Sadly there are people in the world who like nothing more than taking advantage of those who struggle with it. Being known as a pushover isn't a fun thing to be. It might be terrifying to do it at first and make your palms sweat but once you do it once the easier it will become to do in the future. And you're the only person who can achieve that. 

Do you have tips for getting out of your own way?

R x

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