How To Travel Lightly When You Really Love Beauty Products

If you're a serious beauty lover then you will know the struggle that comes with taking beauty products on the go with you, because those precious items in abundance aren't light. And whenever I pack up to go anywhere the thing that always takes up the most space is my beauty stash. From skincare to hair tools here are a few ways to save space and travel lightly whether it's just day to day or for the long haul.



Depending on how lengthy your skincare routine is obviously dictated by how many products you'll need to take on the go. For the most part, you can find travel options for a lot of products like micellar waters etc and if you know you travel often picking items that are easy to travel with is the best option. Moisturisers in glass pots might look pretty on a dressing table or in a medicine cabinet but they're a nightmare to take on the go with you. Typically I decant skincare into travel-friendly pots and use sachets where I can so. Using a new cleanser for example is something that never interferes with my skin too much so can risk using something new for a few days. And then by using up sachets, you don't have to bring anything back with you which is possibly one of the most satisfying feelings when it comes to packing. 


My skincare stash definitely takes up more room than my makeup does as I don't have that many items in my typical day to day routine so it's relatively easy to choose from. Things I do always gravitate towards when I'm in a pinch for space are multi-use products. So creamy cheek products that can be used as a lipstick and eyeshadow that can be doubled up as a highlight are always found in my travel beauty bag. As well as multiuse products I also like to take things that are really easy to travel with like eyeshadow palettes that contain a dark brown for my brows and products that are as lightweight as possible as anything that's really heavy is just a go no. Typically the foundations I tend to reach for when I travel aren't in glass bottles as if one of them smashed for whatever reason it would be a recipe for disaster. There are some awesome bases in travel-friendly bottles like the Clinique Even Better Base is in a squeezy tube and typically any tinted moisturiser is in a more travel-friendly packaging than a glass foundation bottle. Any anything without a pump is a complete no go when travelling too. 


Alongside skincare, haircare is something that takes up the most room in my luggage. With products as well as tools and brushes there are so many things to bear in mind. In terms of tools, I've recently rediscovered the world of travel-friendly Toni & Guy hair tools that pack the same punch in terms of quality and performance as a regular sized heat tool but they're so much smaller. I used to use their mini straightener years ago when my hair was longer and it was absolutely perfect but I've been testing out the curler* lately and it gives such big beautiful curls. Infact I prefer the result over what my Enrapture Totem Styler provides which is a bold statement as that has been my go-to styling tool for years when it comes to curls. 

In terms of products sachets of shampoo and condition are your best friends, so you know those annoying little samples that you're never sure what to do with are perfect for taking on the go as any type of bottle is so bulky and heavy. Of course, you can get minis but you can't always get them for your favourite brands and if you have troublesome hair then you will want to find another way to still use what works best for you. Decanting is another great option even if it a little bit of a faff having to buy the bottles but they're pretty affordable in Muji and can be found in Boots too. 



I don't tend to carry all that much with me on a daily basis as I work from home so typically when I'm out it's not for long. But when I have a long day there are a few beauty essentials I love to have. I have a separate little beauty pouch in my bag for my essentials so nothing gets lost or damaged which I think is great for anyone who carries a lot of stuff as it's all too easy for any handbag to turn into a mess within about 30 seconds.

A few things I'm never without when out for a long day is a tinted lip balm or any balm really, as long as it's in a twist up tube as that's the most sanitary way to apply them. Whatever lip product I might be wearing, an eyebrow spoolie, a small powder brush and a powder that has a small amount of coverage are also essentials. The lip products are an obvious choice but the spoolie is great if your brows tend to go south during the day as it can really change how you look overall. And a general face brush and a powder that adds coverage is perfect if you need to touch up your base and don't want to carry multiple products with you. 


I used to fill my bags with so much rubbish that I didn't really need but now I'm way more conscious of what I'm carrying around after I really started to damage my posture by carrying too much. So bar those few essential beauty products the other items that I'm ever without that don't take up a tonne of room are; hand cream, antibacterial gel, a mirror, travel size perfume and a wide tooth comb. Obviously, these essentials will depend on the person and what their lifestyle is but day to day I find that gets me through without worry. I try and get everything in a travel-friendly size too just so it doesn't take up too much room but they're still just as effective. 

Do you have tips for travelling lightly when you're a serious beauty lover?

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