Interacting With Others Online When You're An Introvert

The subject of being an introvert in the online world has been playing on my mind for a really long time. And especially when it comes to how we talk to others as I think it's an odd presumption that if you're an introverted person that you must find interacting with people online much easier than in real life. And that's not something I find to be personally true for myself as even though of course, in theory, it is easier but that doesn't mean there aren't obstacles in the way. So if you're a fellow introvert and struggle with reaching out and interacting with others online then this post might be for you. 


I've always been a shy person and even though I've come on leaps and bounds from the wouldn't say a word girl I used to be I'm still quite shy and I think that's just who I am. And I know for myself and so many others who are shy it's always taken the wrong way like being rude, stuck up or a whole host of other unkind things. Which is always the complete opposite of what's actually true and being naturally shy and knowing you need to talk. The pressure is already on let alone always being worried that people are going to get the wrong impression. And sadly there is nothing we can really do to change the way others perceive shyness but knowing in your heart that you're not rude or stuck up is so important. 


When you're naturally shy and worried about striking up a conversation or trying to reach out to someone new then it's always best to start small. And doing it on your own terms is so important, there is a lot of pressure especially in the blogging world to be constantly active online and always getting involved with what's going on but I find that entire side of blogging pretty terrifying. It makes me feel in a lot of ways like being back in the playground trying to make friends all over again. Talking to someone one on one in a more low-key way is something that feels a lot less daunting without having to worry about an audience watching. And just because you're social media channels don't look like you're constantly interacting with others it doesn't mean you aren't. There is some sort of odd pressure to share all our movements online but it's not something you ever have to feel like you need to do. 


As well as the weird expectation of being super active online and always get involved with conversations there is also this rule of having to follow tonnes of people. Something that I'm a weird catch 22 situation with right now as I try and keep who I'm following to a small number so that I know exactly who everyone is as well as really enjoying what they're putting out online. We have complete control of what we consume online so it seems pointless to follow someone for the sake of it and especially if they don't anything valuable to your day. But it can look strange if you have a somewhat large following not be following a tonne of people either but with the quick pace that social media moves following so many people can be incredibly overwhelming. 


Whenever I feel scared about reaching out to someone I always have to remember that they're just a person and I've probably made them out to be much scarier in my mind than they actually are. When you're a worrier and an overthinker it's so easy to think the worst in people and let your mind run wild about all the things that they could think. But in reality, the majority of people are always super kind and friendly and if they aren't they probably aren't worth reaching out to in the first place.  


Paying anyone a compliment online is lovely and something I'm sure we all love receiving but it can sometimes be a little odd to try and strike up a conversation with someone purely based on that. Trying to connect with someone on a deeper level isn't always easy but having that conversation starter can lead to something awesome. And I think that's one of the best things about blogging and even the YouTube world as it gives you plenty of thought for food. 

Do you have tips for interacting with others when you're an introvert?

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