Introducing Helene In Between

I'm super excited to share today's interview with the blogger Helene In Between with you today!

Can you tell us a little more about yourself & your blog Helene In Between? 

I am a full time blogger and just left everything behind in the USA to move to Germany with my two dogs, two suitcases and my husband. I blog about my life, travels, blogging and social media, and living your best life. 

What’s it been like to work in social media compared to blogging full time?

I work my butt off, but I wouldn't change a thing. I adore working for myself and on my own time. I learned so much from my 6 years of working in social media, digital marketing, and advertising. It's taught me so much discipline and helped me carve out what I wanted for my blog.

What was it like to pack up your family and move to a country that you’d never even visited before?

Crazy and so cool. When we were on the plane, with the two dogs at our feet, I kept thinking, "I can't believe we are doing this!" But so far I think it's been the best decision of my life. Just getting to immerse myself in a different culture has been really incredible. 

You travel around quite a lot, how DO YOU MANAGE TO juggle everything?

I love working so I prioritize my time around it. I also am an AVID scheduler! I schedule everything I can, from blog posts to social media, it really helps me to stay on track. I also prioritize my time. I check emails in the morning, write after that, and then focus my attention to my courses. 

What’s your favourite place that you’ve ever travelled to? 

I think I'd have to pick the Greek islands. I love the beach but these were so rich with culture, history, and beauty. Santorini is stunning with it's beautiful white and blue buildings set against crystal clear water. I can't wait to go back!

As you're quite the seasoned traveller do you have any advice for first timers?

Set a budget and do your research before hand. I do love spontaneous travel, but to get the most out of your travels it's best to have a plan. I love searching Pinterest for travel Itineraries! 

You write quite a lot about blogging and blogging tips, how do make sure these are useful to bloggers?

I make sure to jam pack my posts with my thoughts, real, backed up stats, and my experience in the business and blogging world. I also try to include free resources in those posts, so that I can give the best help possible!

What’s the best piece of blogging advice you could give anyone?

Be true to yourself. Everyone says that you "must pick a niche." Well, I didn't and I am a full time blogger! You need to focus on great content that focuses on your voice and passions, the rest is just gravy.


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